Xenova.tech Review: Legit or Scam? Registration & How it Works

Xenova.tech is an innovative platform that offers multiple income streams to its members by leveraging their powerful tools and as such maximizing their earnings. In this Xenova.tech review, we will be considering how the platform works and also know if XENOVA is legit or a scam income program.

The fluctuating economic state in Nigeria and even the world at large won’t let you survive with just one stream of income. Attaching yourself to different activities that generate daily funds will let you bypass this turbulent economic situation.

The technological revolution has made it easy for you to make money even from the comfort of your home through online surveys, social media earning sites, blogging, YouTubing, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting and also participating in income programs like Xenova to keep going. You can read this article on How to make money on Youtube.

Over time, we’ve witnessed similar platforms, parading with different promises and even claiming they will not crash but today they are nowhere to be found. Practically, this is why some people have tagged all online income programs to be scams. If you are among these people, you’re getting it wrong. It is either you join at the wrong time or joined the scam platform. Definitely, they will someday crash, but at least you will stand to gain something from them.

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Xenova.tech Review

Despite the promises showered by xenova, it is very important for a brave online hustler who’s searching for the rightful income program to put his/her hard-earned money into, to make deep research and know what his intention to join the platform is all about if it is worth him/her joining it or not. This also applies to potential members of xenova.

Just make sure you carefully and patiently read this article to the end to see everything you need to know about Xenova.tech and its means of operation.

What is Xenova.tech?

Xenova.tech is an income program that offers earning opportunities through daily engagement on activities like sharing sponsored posts, daily logins and the referral commission that is assigned to you once a member registers through your link.

This platform is similar to the common income programs that made trends in Nigeria such as megawave, miratel, learnify, primeshares etc. which later turns out to do the reverse what they promised.

According to the platform, “Xenova is an online innovation platform, with the aim of creating financial stability for every online entrepreneur. We empower our members with skills and make means of generating income available to them

Looking at the information found on the about us page, it is clearly stated that Xenova is open to everyone willing for stability. Xenova claims to also empower its member with profitable skills that will start generating income for them.

How Does Xenova.tech Work?

Xenova runs a multi-purpose networking scheme that is accompanied by unique features.  These unique features give its member the opportunity to leverage the available tools of the platform to earn daily passive income to help them over the turbulent economic system.

The platform has deployed a lot of amazing features that will enable its users to earn money massively. With the amazing features which include Xenoclaim, Xenobet, Marketplace, Xeno VTU, contest, social media tasks, and the Xenova contest, members are assured of getting back with something meaningful to their bank accounts.

This opportunity is solely limited to registered members of xenova. As a member of this platform, you are entitled to make money on Xenova by leveraging the various options mentioned above. All you just need to do is to follow the steps which will be mentioned below to become a member and start earning.

Remember you are to become a member with a one-time payment of N4,500. Once you register, you get an instant welcome bonus of N2,000. Now, you can start earning on the platform through the daily bonus, sharing of sponsored posts, completing various tasks and challenges to earn rewards and also referring new members to join the platform.

In addition to that, Xenova has a marketplace where you can buy and sells digital products and services, and even promote your business and service to get to your potential clients. Also, Xenova offers digital courses that will help you acquire and enhance new skills to fuel your professional growth.

This opportunity is open to all, you just need your smartphone with internet connection to get started. Let’s quickly look at how to earn on xenova.

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How to Earn on Xenova.tech

There are various ways of earning from Xenova and members can make cool cash through them. Here are the various ways of earning from Xenova:

  1. Welcome bonus: once you complete your registration process on Xenova, you get an instant welcome bonus of N2,000.
  2. Daily Bonus: You earn N200 every day as an active member of Xenova.
  3. Sharing sponsored posts: You earn N300 for sharing the Xenova sponsored posts on your social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp etc.
  4. Xenoclaim: You earn additional N100 through the xenoclaim by participating in various challenges and tasks to earn this reward.
  5. Referring/inviting new members:  you earn a referral reward of N3,550, N200, and N100 for your direct, indirect, and second referral generation respectively. The more you refer, the more the referral reward you earn.

Features of Xenova

Xenova came with many amazing features that will be worth checking out. Here are the features of Xenova.tech:

1. Xenoclaim: Xenoclaim is a unique feature created by Xenova to allow their members to earn an additional N100 by participating in different tasks to claim this commission.

2. Xenobet: This gives all the members of this platform access to exclusive betting features by participating in sports, eSports and entertainment events betting.

3. Marketplace: Xenova has a marketplace that allows its member to buy and sell digital products and services. Also helping its member showcase their products and services and a larger audience and even to their potential clients.

4. Contest: You can participate in contests and competitions to showcase your skills and win amazing prizes.

5. Social Media Tasks: Members of this platform can also earn by carrying out and completing social media tasks like sharing content, interacting with the community, etc to enjoy rewards.

6. Xeno VTU: This platform has also developed a feature where members of the platform can recharge data and airtime seamlessly.

7. Digital Courses: As a member of Xenova, you get access to a wide range of digital courses offered by this platform, to enable you to acquire new profitable skills and enhance them to build your professional skills.

How to Register on Xenova.tech

To register and become a member of Xenova, you need to follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official website – www.xenova.tech.
  2. Contact any of the verified vendors to purchase your activation token which is sold for N4,500 (a one-time payment).
  3. Once you purchase the token, you proceed back to the website
  4. Click on get started.
  5. Provide the required information like your username, full name, email address, phone number, referrer, your purchased token, and password.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Then click on the “Signup” button to complete your registration.

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Xenova.tech Signin/Login

Subsequently, you can login to your Xenova account by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the login portal
  2. Provide your username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on the “Login” Button to access your account

Xenova.tech Referral Program

The Xenova referral program is one lucrative and profitable way of earning from the platform. This allows you to earn rewards for referring/inviting new participants to be part of the income program.

Xenova.tech rewards you in three levels for inviting new members. You get rewarded with a reward of N3,550, N200, and N100 respectively. The more you refer, the more you earn the referral commission.

You can employ the method of sharing your referral code to different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. to get more referrals that will in return attract more referral rewards.

All you just need to do is to log in to your dashboard, locate your unique referral link, copy and send it to your family and friends to join the platform.

How to Withdraw on Xenova.tech

You can only withdraw your earnings on xenova.tech only once you meet the minimum withdrawal amount. Also, the minimum withdrawal of affiliate and activities earners differs.

The minimum withdrawal amount for affiliate earners is N6,000, which can be withdrawn on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The minimum withdrawal amount for activities earners is N20,000 which can only be withdrawn on the 20th of every month.

All you need to do is to provide your bank account details and request for withdrawal once it is the withdrawal day.

When was Xenova.tech Launched?

One thing to note before joining any platform is to check when the platform was launched to know if it is worth you joining or not.

The Xenova.tech domain was launched on the 17th of April, 2023, but kicked starts its operation on the 17th of August, 2023.

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Who is the Owner/Founder of Xenova.tech?

During my research regarding Xenova.tech, I was not able to find any information regarding the founder/owner of this platform. This stands as a red flag to them.

Pros and Cons of Xenova.tech

Despite the pleasant features of Xenova.tech, it’s advisable to check some pros and cons of Xenova.tech before joining to stay on the safer side. Here are some Pros and cons of Xenova.tech

Pros of Xenova.tech

  • User-friendly website
  • Different earning option
  • Offers amazing features

Cons of Xenova.tech

  • Xenova.tech is a Ponzi Scheme
  • No information about the owner of the platform.
  • No reliable form of sustaining its members for a long time.

Is Xenova.tech Legit?

Xenova is a Ponzi scheme that won’t stay for long. This kind of platform will always focus on paying affiliate members just to encourage them to bring more members. You can achieve from this platform during this period when it is just launched as an activity earner.

Despite all the amazing features it offers, Xenova is an unreliable income program that offers a get-rich-quick earning opportunity just to entice you. But you can enjoy the offer while it last.

Is Xenova.tech a Scam?

Xenova.tech has crashed. The website is no longer in operation. I explained earlier that Xenova is a kind of platform earning that will just for some months to attract more members and once it become flooded, they stop paying or maybe starts paying only the affiliate earners. With my experience over the years, this kind of Ponzi schemes are usually not to be trusted, they are just for temporal purposes.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, Xenova is a Ponzi scheme that will only stay for a while. As a member or potential member of Xenova.tech, note that this platform is a short-term earning platform that will crash anytime soon.

I believe this Xenova.tech review was helpful to you and has revealed if Xenova.tech is a Legit or a Scam income program that you should either join or stay away from. Don’t forget to also share your thoughts about this platform in the comment section below.

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