Quantng.online Review – Is Quantng.online Legit?

Quantng.online claims to be a trading/investment platform where members are allowed to purchase trading robots that generate daily profits in 30 days. In this honest review, we will reveal everything we know about this platform and how it works.

The platform offers a sweet investment opportunity that is open is anyone willing to embrace it. Quantng.online assures its members of getting daily returns on their investments with just a minimum investment amount of N2,500.

It is certain that online money is the sweetest and easiest money but, it is also the most risky and tough way of making money because of the numerous scammers that are all spread across the internet seeking prey to achieve with their fake enticing words.

Quantng.online has come with its own basket-filled promises to investors. But as a wise investor, you have to be skeptical about this platform before taking on your decision on even becoming a member. You might also feel convinced but that’s not enough. You need to check out reviews and also conduct your personal research about the platform.

In this article, otherwise known as Quantng.online review, we will carefully point out several facts regarding this platform, and also share our final verdict to help you decide if you’re to join Quantng.online or stay away from it.

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Quantng.online Review

Are you a member of Quantng.online and still having some doubt about if Quantng.online is a legit or another fraudulent investment scheme, then this review got you covered, as we’ll be unleashing things you need to know about this investment platform.

The main purpose of this review is to answer questions about Quantng.online such as, how Quantng.online work. Who is the owner of Quantng.online? is Quantng.online paying? How to register/join Quantng.online? and most importantly if Quantng.online is a legit or a scam investment scheme.

I strongly believe that after reading this article, taking your decision of whether to join Quantng.online or not will be very clear to you. Just make sure you read this article step by step in order not to get lost of any vital information.

About Quantng.online

Quantng.online is a trading that claims you to allows its investors to get initiated to any trading robot of their choice, which helps them get daily profit for a period of 30 days.

The platform assures you of getting daily returns depending on the investment plan you subscribe to. Quantng.online offers a free-to-join opportunity, but earning from the platform will require you to invest in any virtual robots available on the platform.

Let’s move further to see how the platform works.

How Does Quantng.online Work?

To earn on Quantng.online, you definitely have to get engaged with any of the virtual income-generating robots by purchasing them to get daily. With a minimum amount of N2,500, you can purchase any robot of your choice to start getting daily profits.

This earning opportunity is only accessible to registered members of the platform. once you register, you get an instant welcome bonus of N500 which automatically appears on your balance. While to start earning officially on the platform, you need to subscribe to any of their trading products to start receiving daily returns depending on the machine your purchase.

Once you complete your registration on Quantng.online, you are now eligible to start earning from their platform when you select your preferred plan, make a deposit, and start getting your daily income depending on the investment plan you subscribed to.

There is about 16 trading equipment available on Quantng.online for members to subscribe to. These products have different subscription amounts and daily profits attached to them. The minimum equipment price is N2,500 where you earn N600 for the period of 30 days while the maximum plan price is N1,000,000 with a daily profit of N210,000 for about 30 days.

Another way of making additional money on this platform is through the referral program which allows you to earn a commission for referring/inviting new members to join the platform through your unique referral link. I believe this is one of the lucrative ways of earning from this platform.

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Quantng.online Trading/Investment plans

Here are the available trading/investment plans on Quantng.online which members can subscribe to their preferred plans to start getting daily returns on investment.


  • Price: N2,500
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N600


  • Price: N6,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N1,600


  • Price: N10,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N2,500


  • Price: N15,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N3,500


  • Price: N20,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N4,200


  • Price: N30,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N7,500


  • Price: N50,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N10,000


  • Price: N70,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N15,000


  • Price: N100,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N22,000


  • Price: N150,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N34,000


  • Price: N200,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N46,000


  • Price: N300,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N70,000


  • Price: N450,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N96,000


  • Price: N500,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N108,000


  • Price: N800,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N165,000


  • Price: N1,000,000
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Daily profit: N210,000

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Quantng.online Registration/Signup

To register on Quantng.online, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Click on the LINK to access their official website
  2. Provide your mobile number
  3. Enter your preferred password
  4. Retype your password
  5. Enter your preferred password
  6. Then click on ‘Sign Up’ to complete your registration on Quantng.online

Quantng.online Login/Sign in

To log in to your Quantng.online account, follow the steps given below

  1. Visit the Quantng.online Login Page
  2. Provide your mobile number
  3. Provide your password
  4. Click on the ‘Log in’ button to access your account

Quantng.online Referral Program

Apart from the primary method of earning from Quantng.online, another profitable method of earning massively on this platform is through the referral program. The Quantng.online referral program is an easy and smooth method of earning from Quantng.online.

When you refer a new member to join the platform with your referral link, you get rewarded with a referral bonus for members that join the platform through your unique registration link

To get more referrals, you can share your referral link to your social media handle like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Sending your link to your social media handles can attract more referrals.

Quantng.online Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Only members who meet the minimum withdrawal amount are eligible to place for withdrawal on the platform. so, to be able to withdraw, you must meet up the required withdrawal threshold as assigned by the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount on Quantng.online is N1,000. That is, you must have a minimum of N1,000 before you can place for withdrawal. So, all you just need to do is to provide your local bank account details.

Quantng.online has no limit for withdrawal and no specific time to withdraw your money from the platform. once you reach the withdrawal threshold, you can place for withdrawal and expect your alert in due time.

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Who is the Owner of Quantng.online?

Quantng.online has decided to keep the identity of its owner anonymous to the general public because no information about the owner/CEO of this platform was shared. Quantng.online lacks transparency which serves as a red flag to them.

This method is usually leveraged by most scam platforms in order not to get caught while performing their fraudulent activities.

When was Quantng.online Launched?

The Quantng.online domain was created on the 15th of August, 2023, which means the platform is just a week older.

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Is Quantng.online Legit or Scam?

Quantng.online is a Ponzi Gold investment scheme that is likely to crash at any time soon. Despite how promising the platform seems to be, they are not to be trusted in any way.

The honest truth is that Quantng.online is a potential scam, as such, you should be very skeptical while investing your hard-earned money in a platform of this nature.

Quantng.online is a potential scam platform. so, you have to be very careful when investing your hard-earned money with them to be on the safer side.

Final Verdict – Quantng.online Review

In my final verdict, Quantng.online is a very risky investment platform that you shouldn’t entrust your money to it. Investing your money in this platform simply means risking it for a platform that doesn’t worth it. Do not be deceived by that, the platform is a scam and won’t pay you, rather, they will extort the little money you have from you.

You can also share your opinion and experience in the comment section below. Your comments and opinions might be of help to other online investors and hustlers like you not to fall prey to scammers.

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