L-earnify Review: Is Learnify.ng Legit, Scam and Paying?

Learnify.ng is a multi-earning income program that claims to create earning opportunities for its members and potential members. Read all you need to know about the platform in this L-earnify Review and also know if this platform is really worth your joining or not.

Ways of making money online have now been made easy and more convenient due to the fact that there are several earning opportunities spread across the internet with different earning pattern which includes: online surveys, social media earning sites, blogging, YouTubing, Freelancing, Copywriting etc.

This has been the reason why many persons have been attracted to this method of making money (online method) because of its convenience and can be done even from the comfort of your home. Though, some of these platforms are scams.

Scammers noticed that people now divert to making money online rather than the normal way they used to make money online and they created websites and earning programs just to deceive people to join them thinking it’s a legit platform to which many persons have fall victim. As a result of this, many have given up on online earning platforms by labelling all online earning opportunities as scams.

Learnify.ng is another platform that seems to be so promising with several flashy promises and rewards when you register on their platform. This resulted in the creation of this L-earnify review to reveal all you need to know about the platform.

In this article, we’ll be checking out the necessary information about this newly launched income scheme known as L-earnify and answering other questions related to this income program.

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L-earnify Review (Learnify.ng)

L-earnify despite claiming to be an income program that allows you to make money at ease even from the comfort of your bedroom.

In this comprehensive L-earnify review, we’ll be considering some questions regarding L-earnify income program and questions like how L-earnify work, how to make money on L-earnify, L-earnify registration, is L-earnify Legit or Scam. All these will be revealed in this L-earnify review.

Make sure you read this review to the end to get detailed information about L-earnify if it is worth you joining or going for other income programs that pay.

About Learnify.ng?

L-earnify is a multi-earning income program that claims to create the opportunity for its members to make daily passive income through the numerous money-making options of their platform.

This platform is similar to the popular Megawave platform that made waves on the internet, attracting so many members and just within a few days of being launched, it drastically crashed and many persons lost a lot of funds to it.

Here is another platform of its kind, L-earnify that has come with so many promises and even claims to enhance your skills and increase your wealth when you leverage their platform and participate in any of their earning options.

According to them, “LEARNIFY is an innovation created to equip its members with essential digital skills and endless opportunities to make money. When a user signs up on learnify, he/she enjoys all L-earn benefits which is accesible with a one time registration fee of N4,500″.

Before rushing to the conclusion of if this platform is legit or a scam platform, let’s check out how the platform works and how members can literally make money through their earning options as promised by them.

How Does L-earnify Work?

To be a partaker of the L-earnify earning platform, you have to contact any verified coupon vendor on the platform to purchase your coupon codes which serve as your activation or registration code. The coupon code is sold for N4,500. This is the amount paid for registration and it’s a one-time something.

Once you successfully complete your registration on L-earnify, you’ll be gifted a welcome bonus of N2,500 which will be credited instantly to your balance. After that, you will be considered a full member of the platform and start earning through the different ways of earning as assigned by L-earnify income program.

There are several ways you as a member of L-earnify can earn money at your convenience. You can earn through the affiliate program, sharing the L-earn post, sharing the advert posts, and other ways available on the platform.

L-earnify has other features that members can enjoy once they join the platform such as Access to learning different digital courses for free, participating in the Learnify Quiz, the VTU feature for both Affiliate and Non-affiliate members, access to community mentorships on digital courses for free, transferring of funds to other members of the platform and more.

You can also watch the video below????

How to Join/Register on L-earnify

Becoming a member of L-earnify is very easy. Follow the steps below to register successfully on L-earnify:

  1. Go to their website – https://learnify.ng/signup?ref=Hustler23, message any of the coupon vendors on their platform.
  2. Once you purchase the code, you return to the sign-up page (www.L-earnify.ng) where you provide information like your name, username, phone number, email address, coupon code, and password.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Click on ‘Sign up’ to complete your registration and become a verified member of L-earnify.

L-earnify Login/Signup

To Login to your L-earnify account, the following are required:

  1. Visit the login portal
  2. Provide your email address/username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on the Login Button to access your account

L-earnify Referral Program/Commission

The referral program is the most lucrative way of earning from L-earnify because the referral commission is practically on the high side.

L-earnify gives you a whopping bonus of N3,500 per person that joins the platform via your unique referral link. Not only that, you continually get rewarded even till your 2nd and 3rd downlines which are N300 and N100 respectively. This shows how lucrative the L-earnify referral program is.

All you just do is send them your referral link to your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. and when they join L-earnify with your link, you stand a chance of enjoying the referral commission as explained above.

How To Earn on Learnify.ng?

There are various ways to earn money from learnify.ng. Here are how to earn money on learnify.ng:

  • Earn Without Referrals: Through Performing Daily Tasks and Earning the following below Unlock daily earnings ₦300 Daily Advert engagement Bonus, login bonus ₦200 and L-EARN post N200
  • Earn With Affiliates: You get paid a whopping N3500 per friend you invite to learnify with your referral link after a successful registration, when your downline refers you earn N300 per person and also when your downlines downline refers, you earn N100 per person.
  • Earn With Lucky Wheel: You can spin and win amazing prices with learnify lucky wheel daily.
  • Earn With Quiz Feature: Questions are been uploaded on the website, anyone that answers it correctly wins a price, you earn while you learn.
  • Earn With E-Commerce: Users can upload their products or courses on Learnify and get buyers easily
  • Earn With Incentives: This means you get compensated with Lots of Amazing Prizes Ranging from Cash, Laptops (MacBook, Hp) iPhones, Samsungs, Sound Bars, Air condition, Pressing Iron, TV and so on due to your participation/contributions in the massive growth of the platform

How to Withdraw on L-earnify

L-earnify claims to have a very easy, stress-free and smooth withdrawal system. Members of L-earnify stand a chance to enjoy the automated withdrawal system for only non-affiliate earners of the platform.

Here are the minimum withdrawal amount and days of withdrawal for both the affiliate and activity earners.

L-earnify Activity Earners Withdrawal

  • Minimum withdrawal: N21,000
  • Days for withdrawal: Every 15th of the Month

Affiliate / Referral Earners

  • Minimum withdrawal: N7,500
  • Days for Withdrawal: Every Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday.

So, once you meet the withdrawal threshold on the platform whether as a referral or activity earner, you can place for withdrawal.

To withdraw your funds on L-earnify, you will have to provide your local account details and the amount you wish to withdraw.

When was Learnify.ng Launched/Created?

The L-earnify platform was launched on the 26th of May, 2023. This shows that the platform is practically a newly created platform at the time of publishing of this article.

Pros and Cons of Learnify.ng

Despite the pleasant features of L-earnify, it’s advisable to check some pros and cons of L-earnify before joining to stay on the safer side. Here are some Pros and cons of L-earnify

Pros of L-earnify

  • User-friendly website
  • Different earning opportunities
  • Social Media presence
  • Secured website

Cons of L-earnify

  • L-earnify is a Ponzi Scheme
  • No information about the owner of the platform.
  • L-earnify is a Get-rich-quick platform and cannot be relied on.
  • The platform has no means of generating extra income to pay its members for a long time.

Is Learnify.ng Paying?

Platforms like L-earnify will always pay affiliate earners and even if they pay the activity earners, it will be during the first stream of payment while other times will be on probability. If you really want to earn from L-earnify, then you have to be ready to refer.

L-earnify is paying affiliate earners at the time of publishing this article, but how long will the payment continue is what is unknown at the moment. The right thing is to join the train while it is moving. Be wise!


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Is Learnify.ng Legit?

L-earnify is a Ponzi Scheme similar to Megawave that paraded to be very legit and reliable and in just a few days it crashed people’s hard-earned money. Though at the moment we cannot just categorize L-earnify income program as either a scam or a legit platform because it is very new.

The fact remains that L-earnify is a potential scam. Eventually, the platform pays, they will only pay the affiliate earners while the activity will go back with nothing.

Is Learnify.ng a scam?

At the time of uploading this article, L-earnify is not a scam but has the full potential of becoming a scam. Just make sure you invest wisely in case of any issue that may likely occur in the nearest future.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed to see what will become of L-earnify, if they will keep to their promises or turn to act otherwise.

Final Verdict – (Learnify.ng)

L-earnify is one of those online Ponzi schemes that offer get-rich quick-earning opportunities to the public just to lure them in. As an online hustler, you have to be skeptical while joining any platform like L-earnify because it is likely to crash at any time with people’s funds without even notifying them. Just make sure you invest wisely.

I believe this L-earnify review was helpful to you and has revealed if this income program is a Legit or a Scam that you should either join or stay away from. Don’t forget to also share your thoughts about this platform in the comment section below, it might be of help to others.

43 thoughts on “L-earnify Review: Is Learnify.ng Legit, Scam and Paying?”

  1. L-earnify is not legit because I withdrew from my affiliate account few days ago till now I have not received anything from it

  2. You can’t say you withdraw from learnify affiliate account & didn’t receive your money that a very big lie @ comfort When I have withdrawn more than once Nawa for una ooh

  3. I have withdrawn twice and my downline has withdrawn more than 5 times. Learnify is very real and it’s paying. Maybe you didn’t do something right. I can put you through if you don’t mind

  4. Please learnify is legit stop spoiling the minds of people who wanna invest…I suggest you take that article down …that is very wrong and misleading

  5. But I dont still understan how i will make money from it honestly, by referring that sounds like you need a large following

  6. I just joined d platform,I sent my link to my downline but my invite shows invited by admin and my downline has registered ,but d bonus never came to me. My link never shows my user name only admin. Wat do I do?

  7. Same here and they sent a message that they’d review the account for 3 days and after that,they will begin to disburse the money
    Since on the 15th that I’ve placed my withdrawal of 32k i’m still expecting my money but is it true that they won’t pay the activity earners ?

  8. Scam! Scam!, since 15th I placed withdrawal till now learnify hasn’t still paid me. They would have been specific if they knew they wouldn’t pay non affiliate, instead of lying and convincing people to join. The people earning more are those that joined hands together with the owner to organize this scam. It’s not even an affiliate, it’s a Ponzi scheme.

  9. I earned 20k on the 15th of this month from the activity balance but I didn’t get anything. I was told to place a withdrawal before that, and now I have to wait for another 15th to do that. I just hope this pays o

  10. I placed withdrawal on 15 of June for non affliate I’m yet to receive the pay till now. Is it that they no longer pay for nonafflate??

  11. Learnify is a very big scam…they should have just be honest and say they aren’t going to pay non affiliates instead of tricking people to join…very stupid

  12. Learnify has not paid me since how many months I placed my withdrawal,if I try to place another one they’re still writing that I still have a pending request
    Stop set of people

  13. This is true
    Learnify is a pure scam
    I applied for non affiliate withdrawal on the 15th of this month and I haven’t received my money yet
    Let’s not be deceived
    God bless you

  14. How can I introduce someone me myself since I registered for the past three months I never cash out for ones. This one na scam oh I just west my money and my data

  15. Been trying to withdraw from learnify task but it’s not working, don’t know if it’s still working ????, knowing that today is 15th of September

  16. L-earnify is a very big scam, I will advise you if you’re a new person here don’t register, I registered in June 30, by the words of the person that registered me he said that everyday you’re entitled to #700 after you have login, do advert, and the L-earnify job, but it wasn’t true, some days you get 200, somedays 400 and somedays 700, but number of days you get 700 is so small to compare to 200 and 400, I was registered by Micheal TV. Then he said that once I withdraw it will take few hours and I will get my money or if I didn’t get it that I will get it within 20 days time, it is 55 days today and I haven’t gotten my money, when I chatted him he said they have not paid the previous people (non affiliate) that withdraw past months, then my anger is why were you lying to people, till today I can never register anyone in L-earnify I hate dishonest just to make money or get rid of other person to get your own money, it is wickedness. Since then I tell people pls don’t register L-earnify instead register owodaily because they do what they said at least. L-earnify is a scam


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