Review – Is Primeshub Legit or a scam platform? is an income program that provide earning opportunities to its members through daily social media tasks and referring new members. In this Primeshub review, you will understand how the platform works and also get to know if the platform is either a legit or a scam income Program that is worth you being part of.

Being part of this income program guarantees you of getting access to a seamless income stream leveraging Primeshub as an avenue. With the different earning options on the platform, members are assured of bagging some cool cash from the platform but do you think that’s achievable?

There are thousands of income programs spread across the internet with promises of different calibers, but the question is, are these platforms reliable? That you can comfortably join them or they are platforms that when you join you get scammed.

This is why it is advisable to check out reviews about any platform before joining, to know how the platform works and what people are actually saying about it. This is to guide you when choosing the right platform to join.

In bounce back to the importance of checking out this Primeshub review that will explain literally everything you need to know about the platform and if it is a legit or scam platform that suits you or not.

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Primeshub Review

Are you having some doubts regarding the legitimacy status of Primeshub and wants to know if the platform is a trusted income program, then you just landed on the right place. This Primeshub contains detailed facts regarding the earning platform.

About Primeshub

Primeshub is an income program that allow it’s members earn passive daily income by doing simple social media tasks like daily logins, sharing adverts, social claims and through the referral program.

According to the platform, “Primeshub is a Network Marketing and Social advert Company, build to give people opportunities to learn, Earn and also turn their everyday social media life into a tool For Learning and Earning

The platform also claims to be an affiliate-earning dollar platform which has been verified by CAC. With the primeshub technology making money networking effortless.

Without much ado, let’s quickly analyse how the platform works.

How does Primeshub Work?

The activities of Primeshub circles around members participating in different social media activities such as daily logins, sharing adverts, prime social claims, and inviting/referring new members to join the platform through your referral link. However, you have to be a member of the platform to gain access to this opportunity.

To get started on Primeshub, you will have to visit their official website, contact one of the verified coupon vendors, make your one-time Registration Fee of ₦5000 ($10) to the vendor, and then return to the platform to complete your registration form. Contact VIBES TV MEDIA for your coupon code.

Once you complete your registration on the platform, you get an instant welcome bonus of 2500 PC which will be added to your wallet. Then you can proceed to start making money on the platform using the various money-making methods on the platform.

There are various ways of making money on the Primeshub which include daily logins, prims advert shares, Primes social claims, and the affiliate reward which is spread into three different levels respectively.

Contact VIBES TV MEDIA to purchase your code.

The platform has a lot of amazing features that you definitely don’t need to miss out. You can book your registration slot now before it becomes crowded.

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How to Earn on Primeshub

There are basically three ways of earning from Primeshub which includes participating in social media activities on the platform and referring new members to join the platform, but let me explain in full:

The Affiliate program:

The Primeshub Affiliate/referral program is a program that rewards you if you choose to invite someone to register on PRIMESHUB, each person that sign up with your unique affiliate/referral link, Primeshub rewards you with $8 which is 4,000 in naira. You also earn first and second indirect commissions of $0.4/200 and $0.2/100 when your invitee, invite someone else.


The primecash aspect consist of the welcome bonus which is 2500pc, daily login bonus which is 250pc, and the Advert commission which is 250pc. Note that these bonuses can be withdrawn, used to purchase items from the platform or airtime/data purchase.


The Primesocial Cash consists of any money you get from carrying out social media task like liking or following TIKTOK ACCOUNT, YOUTUBE ACCOUNT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT Any social media handle.

You earn from $0.1 upwards daily meaning you earn from 50-1,000 and this aspect is the one you can withdraw as a non affiliate with minimum of $10 which is 5,000.

Other Amazing Features Offered by Primeshub

There are other amazing featured offered by Primeshub that you shouldn’t miss out on. They include:

  • The Big Boys/Girls Challenge – Referral Contest
  • Primes Talent Hunt -1 Million Prize Pool
  • Primeshub Freelancing Page- For All User, Post Anything You Offer For Massive Turn Up.
  • Prime Digital Course
  • Primes TikTok Challenge- Showcase Your Talent and Earn Massively Every Day.
  • Primes Team Challenge- Get 50 Downlines and Earn Salary Every Month End

How to Register/Join Primeshub Income Program

To register on the Primeshub, follow the procedures given below:

1. Visit the official website –

2. Contact any of the verified coupon vendor to purchase your coupon code. Contact VIBES TV MEDIA to purchase your Code (The amount is N5,000).

3. Return to the platform to complete your registration by providing the required information

4. Then submit your application to become a verified member of the platform and start earning leveraging the various earning options available on their website.

Primeshub Withdrawal/Minimum Withdrawal Amount

To be eligible for withdrawal on Primeshub, you will need to meet up the withdrawal threshold on the platform. Like other social media income program, the referral and activity earners withdrawal threshold differ.

For Affiliate minimum withdrawal is $16 which is 8,000 Every Monday and Friday from 10am to 12pm, while the Non affiliate minimum withdrawal is $10 which is 5,000. withdraw anytime with minimum of 5,000.

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Is Primeshub Legit or scam?

At the moment, determining if Primeshub is a legit or a scam platform cannot be ascertained, because the platform is yet to be launched. Usually, this kind of platforms pays at their early stage and once they accumulate enough members, they start misbehaving.

Primeshub will be launched on the 1st of October, Start booking your registration slots now to get prepared for the huge opportunity coming.

Final Verdict – Primeshub Review

In conclusion, Primeshub is an income program that claims to offer an earning opportunity open to interested individuals. If you join Primeshub at the early stage, you will 100% possibility of earning more because they will likely pay at their early stage.

I believe this Primeshub review was valuable to you and has revealed if Primeshub is a legit or scam income program. You can also share your opinion regarding this platform in the comment section below.

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