Olem-agric.net.ng Review – Is Olem-agric Legit or a Scam?

Olem-agric.net.ng is an agriculture investment platform that claims to allow its investors to earn daily profit by investing in agricultural items. In this Olem-agric.net.ng review, we will carefully analyze this platform and also reveal if Olem-agric.net.ng review is a reliable investment program you should join.

Glancing through the platform, I discovered several investment packages available on the platform with different subscription amounts and daily income attached to each of these plans. The platform assures you of getting cool profit at the end of every 24 hours. However, the profit depends on the amount you invest in the platform.

You shouldn’t be enticed and jump into the platform because of how promising and genuine they may present themselves. Rather, you should carry out intense research about any platform before even thinking or joining and investing your money. This is why you should check out this Olem-agric.net.ng review before joining the platform.

The purpose of this Olem-agric.net.ng review is to enlighten you on how the platform operates, and also reveal everything you need to know before registering on the platform and even thinking of investing your hard-earned money in it.

Prior to the importance of investing in a legit and reliable investment platform, It will be recommended that you carefully read this article to the end to get detailed facts regarding this investment platform known as Olem-agric.net.ng.

Olem-agric.net.ng Review

As a brave online hustler/investor who is only concerned with a platform where you invest and get profits rather than losing it to online fraudsters, you definitely need to check out this review that will reveal literally everything you need to know about the platform before venturing into it.

Without wasting much time, let’s quickly delve into this Olem-agric.net.ng review to know the legitimacy status of this platform and whether it is worth investors investing their money or not. Just make sure you patiently read this article to the end.

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What is Olem-agric.net.ng?

Olem-agric.net.ng is a unique agricultural investment platform that offers investment opportunities to interested investors to get daily profit when they invest in different agricultural products for about 29 to 39-day respectively.

According to the, “For agricultural manufacturing business. In addition to organic vegetables, organic grains and grains, the company grows a variety of organic fruits and vegetables. The company’s integrated business is the cultivation, processing and distribution of agricultural products. In addition to these businesses, the company also produces, sells and manufactures organic fertilizers and dairy products.

The platform claims to grow different kinds of organic fruits and vegetables, and process and distribute their products as a means of generating income they use in paying their members. But the fact is, Olem-agric.net.ng does not offer all that it claims. Rather, it is just a mere Ponzi Scheme.

How Does Olem-agric.net.ng Work?

As a member of Olem-agric.net.ng, you invest and earn daily profit, that is just the operation system of this platform. However, this opportunity can only be accessed by registered members of the platform. All you just need to do is visit their website to register by providing the necessary information.

Once you register on Olem-agric.net.ng, you gain access to start making money on the platform by investing in any of the investment plans/packages to start getting your daily profits depending on the amount you invest. With just a minimum of N600, you can get started.

With the various investment plans on Olem-agric.net.ng, you are assured of getting daily profits. The minimum investment amount on the platform is N600 which allows you to earn a daily income of N66 for 29 days and the maximum or highest investment amount of N50,000 which allows you to earn a daily income of N6,700 for about 39 days.

To invest in any of these investment plans, all you just need to do is recharge your account with the amount that corresponds with the investment plan you wish to invest in, make your payment to the provided account details, and return to invest in your preferred plan to start receiving your daily profit as promised by the platform.

You can also earn additional money by referring/inviting your friends to be part of the program to earn the referral commission. You get rewarded with a commission for anyone who registers on the platform through your unique referral link.

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Olem-agric.net.ng Investment Products/Packages

There are various investment plans/packages available on the platform for investors to subscribe to:

Product: Plan 1

  • Price: N600
  • Daily income: N66
  • Total income: N1914
  • Validity Period: 29 days

Product: Plan 2

  • Price: N5,000
  • Daily income: N600
  • Total income: N18,600
  • Validity Period: 31 days

Product: Plan 3

  • Price: N10,000
  • Daily income: N1,300
  • Total income: N42,900
  • Validity Period: 33 days

Product: Plan 4

  • Price: N20,000
  • Daily income: N2,700
  • Total income: N94,500
  • Validity Period: 35 days

Product: Plan 5

  • Price: N30,000
  • Daily income: N3,950
  • Total income: N146,150
  • Validity Period: 37 days

Product: Plan 6

  • Price: N50,000
  • Daily income: N6,700
  • Total income: N261,300
  • Validity Period: 39 days

How To Register on Olem-agric.net.ng

To register and become a member of Olem-agric.net.ng, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the LINK to access their official website.
  2. Provide your mobile number
  3. Provide your preferred password.
  4. Retype the password
  5. Then click on the “Sign up” button to complete your registration.

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Olem-agric.net.ng Login/Sign in

To login to your Olem-agric.net.ng account, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the login page
  2. Provide your registered mobile number and password.
  3. Then click on the “Log in” button to access your account.

Olem-agric.net.ng Referral Program/Commission

The Olem-agric.net.ng referral program seems to be the most lucrative and profitable method of making extra money on the platform. This program gives you the opportunity to earn commissions for referring/inviting new members to the platform using your referral link.

Once you refer/invite a new member to register on the platform with your unique referral link, you will get the referral commission for every referral you earn. The more you refer, the more referral commission you earn from the platform.

All you just need to do is log in to your dashboard, locate your referral link, copy your referral/invitation link and send it to your family and friends to join the platform as you earn the commission. To get more referrals, you can choose to share your link to your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

How to Earn on Olem-agric.net.ng

There are two ways you can earn from Olem-agric.net.ng. Here are ways you can earn on Olem-agric.net.ng:

  1. Investing in Agricultural Products: You basically earn on Olem-agric.net.ng by investing in any of the available investment plans on the website. There are several investment plans on the platform. With a minimum of N600 and a maximum of N50,000.
  2. Through the Referral Program: Another profitable way to earn from Olem-agric.net.ng is through the referral program, which requires you to just refer/invite new members to join the platform with your referral link and you will be rewarded with a commission for each referral you earn.

Olem-agric.net.ng Withdrawal

To be eligible for withdrawal on Olem-agric.net.ng, you will have to meet the withdrawal threshold which qualifies you for withdrawal. Once you’re qualified, you can withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal amount on Olem-agric.net.ng is N1,000. With a minimum of N1,000 in your balance, you can place for withdrawal and expect your payment in due time as promised by this platform.

To withdraw your money on Olem-agric.net.ng, log in to your dashboard, locate the withdraw button, click on it bind your bank account details (Bank name, your account name, and account number), input the amount you want to withdraw and submit. And hopefully, you will receive the alert in due time.

Note that you will be charged an 8% withdrawal fee each time you withdraw from the platform.

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Is Olem-agric.net.ng Paying?

No payment proof was recorded regarding this platform at the time of publishing this article because it is a newly launched platform.

When was Olem-agric.net.ng Launched?

The Olem-agric.net.ng domain was registered on the 7th of September, 2023, which means the platform was just a few days old on the day of publishing this article.

Pros and cons of Olem-agric.net.ng

Let’s check out the Pros and Cons of Olem-agric.net.ng before joining the platform:

Pros of Olem-agric.net.ng

  • The platform has very affordable investment plans.
  • The platform has an active WhatsApp Group.
  • It has various investment plans to enable investors to make their choice.
  • The platform is secured with an SSL Certificate.

Cons of Olem-agric.net.ng

  • Olem-agric.net.ng is undoubtedly a Ponzi Scheme that won’t last.
  • It cloned OLEM Agriculture, a popular organic farming products company in the UK.
  • The platform lacks transparency.

Is Olem-agric.net.ng Legit or Scam?

Olem-agric.net.ng is a Ponzi no matter how genuine they might portray themselves. It is not a kind of investment platform that you should rely on because, it is likely to crash any time soon.

Olem-agric.net.ng is a potential scam platform that shouldn’t be relied on as an investor. The platform is likely to stop operating in the near future. So, you have to be very skeptical when investing in this platform.

Final Verdict – Olem-agric.net.ng Review

In my final verdict, Olem-agric.net.ng is undoubtedly a potential scam platform that will likely crash any time soon. So make sure you either invest what you can afford to lose or stay away from it to be on the safer side.

Thank you for carefully and patiently reading this Olem-agric.net.ng review till the end. I believe this Olem-agric.net.ng review has revealed certain things regarding Olem-agric.net.ng that you need to know and has also helped you make your decision on whether to join or stay away from.

You can also improve this Olem-agric.net.ng review by sharing your experience regarding this review with us in the comment section below to help others take precautionary steps.

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