Luxegold Review – Is Luxegold Legit or Scam?

Luxegold is an affiliate earning platform that is out to offer its users the opportunity to make seamlessly by engaging social media activities. In this honest review, we will unveil how this platform works and also reveal how you can practically earn massively by leveraging the earning options offered by this platform.

In the midst of this turbulent economic situation, you definitely need additional means of income and a platform that you should rely on for daily passive income to earn additional money even as a worker who expects monthly salaries to be capable of scaling through this unfavorable situation. That even from the comfort of your bedroom, you can earn massively at your pace. Luxegold is here to give you that opportunity.

The Luxegold income program is fortified with various earning options, attached with mind-blowing features that will create a great storm in the internet. The platform is yet to be launched but potential members are to expect something really huge from this platform.

The early birds on this platform will earn the most benefits because they will be welcomed by this platform with special compensation. To book your registration slot, contact Vibes TV, a verified vendor of Luxegold. Let’s quickly look deep into this platform.

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About Luxegold

Luxegold is a unique innovative income program that offers different money-making opportunities, assuring its members of earning through Task bonuses, gold status, sending anonymous messages, participating in the Gold Xchange and through the referral/affiliate program.

According to the platform, “LUXEGOLD is an international social media monetization and Affiliate platform.”

The most interesting feature of Luxegold that would blow your mind is that the platform also allows you to earn in dollars, and when you are ready to withdraw, you can convert your earnings in dollars to naira and withdraw it directly into your local bank account.

How Does Luxegold Work?

Luxegold earning platform is focused on providing earning opportunities to the general public, especially Nigerians, who wish to gain financial freedom. You can only access this opportunity when you are a member of the platform.

When you register on the platform to be part of the income program, Luxegold gives you access to earn massive cash through the different earning options they offer. But firstly, you will have to contact one of the verified coupon vendors on the platform.

How to Earn on Luxegold Income Program

The Luxegold income program has different ways open to all members of the platform to make massive money on the platform. here are the ways you can earn on Luxegold:

How to earn on luxegold
How to earn on luxegold
  1. Task Bonus: You get 10k immediately after you register, it’ll be paid to your account after 30 days of performing a 1-minute task daily. (Task: Watch a 10-secs video or follow a social media page)
  2. Gold Status: Upload any video or photo on your Gold Status, share the link to your WhatsApp status, and get paid N20 per view.
  3. Anonymous Message: Share a link for your friends to send you an anonymous and get paid N20 per message they send.
  4. Gold Xchange: Get paid when your friends sell their coins. E.g. when your friend sells $500 BTC, you get N5,000.
  5. Affiliate Program: You get N4,000 per referral, N300 1st indirect Commission & N100 2nd indirect commission.

Leveraging all these earning options, you can make over N200k Weekly from this platform depending on how serious you are.

Luxegold Registration/Signup

To register on Luxegold, follow the procedures below to be part of the Luxegold income program:

The platform is yet to be launched but you can start booking your slots now, to be among the first beneficiaries of the above-mentioned options on the platform.

The registration fee on Luxegold is a one-time payment of N5,000. To get started contact VIBES Media, one of the verified coupon vendors on the platform to book your registration now.

Benefits of Getting Registered under VIBES MEDIA

  1. You will be taught  how to grow your audience and have over 2k views on WhatsApp
  2. You’ll be added to my VIP WhatsApp Community (Mentorship Group) There’s a Challenge I’ll do for my students (those that will register through me) to encourage us to earn more, 50k – 500k challenge.
  3. You Can’t be on his team and not make money because it’s a MUST.
  4. You get Over 150 PREMIUM HACKED APPS (Netflix, DSTV, Canva Pro, Spotify, etc.) for FREE 
  5. You get Personal one-on-one Mentorship from him.

Withdrawal Threshold on Luxegold

For Your ▫️DAILY TASK BONUS You get paid your Gold return of N10,000($16) after every 30 days.

For Your ▫️GOLD STATUS and ▫️GOLD ANONYMOUS EARNING Combined together, which is known as GOLD SHARES on your dashboard.   You can withdraw it on the 25th of Every Month, a minimum of 35k for you to be eligible for payment. 

For Your ▫️GOLD XCHANGE and ▫️REFERRAL COMMISSION Combined together, which is known as GOLD COMMISSION on your dashboard.   You can withdraw it every Wednesday and Sunday between 12 pm – 4 pm. Minimum of 10k.

Is Luxegold Legit or Scam?

With my years of experiences on the online space, i would boldly tell you that Luxegold is nothing but a Ponzi scheme and a referral-based income system, which means you have to keep referring more people into the system for your payment to be assured. Regardless of all the exciting offers and sweet stories, if you don’t refer people to join this platform, you won’t be paid.

Conclusion – Luxegold Review

Luxegold is an income program that is yet to be launched. It is yet to hit the internet with its amazing offers. To get more explanation and details on how to earn more money on Luxegold, Contact VIBES TV, one of the verified vendors of the platform to enlighten you.

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