Starmil Review – Is Legit? (Earn Over N200k Weekly)

Starmil is an innovative income program that promises seamless income streams, leveraging the earning options on the platform. This Starmil review entails everything you need to know about the platform before joining. So, make sure you take your time to read till the very end.

Are you in search of an income program to be part of? Search no further, Starmil assures of you earning comfortable by engaging yourself with the various social media earning options at your convenience. This platform is open to everyone irrespective of who you are.

This platform is basically out there to help millions of people find themselves out of financial instability, by embracing the various earning streamlines available on this platform.

Leveraging the different earning options on Starmil, you are assured getting daily passive income, practically adding to your normal salary to solve your financial needs.

I guess this platform is been over-hyped, does that makes it a reliable earning Platform? This article covers everything you need to know about Starmil and how it works.

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Starmil Review

This article covers everything you are expected to know about Starmil before becoming a member. Ignore the hypes, do you think Starmil is worth you joining. The answer still under probability.

In this Starmil Review, we will consider queries like how does Starmil work? What is Starmil all about? How to Register/Join Starmil? How to make money from Starmil? Starmil withdrawal? Is Starmil Paying? Is Starmil legit or scam? And other related questions.

I believe that after going through this Starmil review, you will come to the conclusion of whether to join the platform or not.

What is Starmil?

Starmil is a multi-earning social media platform that allow it’s members to earn cool money by carrying out different social media activities.

The platform is created by some group of  innovative, intellectual individuals and knowledgeable entrepreneurs as a means of creating a financial freedom environment for interested individuals.

According to the platform, “Starmil is a online earning platform created by the intellect and group of experienced professionals, skilled and knowledgeable entrepreneurs. It is a platform that allows you to make money with your social media in multiple ways, allowing you to earn value that worth your time”.

The platform claims that it main aim is to librate thousands of people from financial hardship by providing an opportunity they can leverage on to step on their financial freedom.

Starmil launching on the 1st of November, 2023, is out there to make a lot of wave in the internet, particularly in Nigeria. the platform offers diverse method of letting it’s members make money from the comfort of their homes.

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How does Starmil Work?

Starmil is just like other social media earning platforms you’ve encountered. Members can earn cool cash from the comfort of their bedrooms by just completed simple social media tasks.

With a one-time payment of N5,000 ($5), you can be given access to earn up to N10,000 ($10) every week by leveraging the different earning options and also participating in the referral program.

Without registering to become a member of Starmil, you cannot participate in the earning opportunity. Firstly, you will need to contact one of the Verified coupon vendors to purchase your activation code.

Once you purchase the coupon code, you return to the website and complete your registration by providing the required information which will conclude your username, phone number, password, activation code etc., Then click on submit to get started.

Once you register on Starmil, you can an instant cashback of $3 which is assigned to all newly registered members of the platform. Then, you can start earning by completing the various social media tasks on the platform.

You can also earn effortlessly by leveraging the referral program where you just need to share your referral link to your friends, and when they register, you get rewarded with a referral commission of $4.60.

In addition to that, Starmil provides another amazing and profitable offer that that is jaw dropping. This offer is the Market Place where members of the platform can upload and sell their products and services and withdraw the money once it’s $10. This seems amazing right?

That’s not all. As a member of Starmil, you’re been given the opportunity to learn new skills and digital course with your Starmil (SM) earning.

The course/skill to learn as a member of

Digital skills to learn on
Digital skills to learn on
  1. Website Development
  2. Mini importation
  3. Advanced Graphics Design
  4. Copywriting skills
  5. Ui/UX Interface Design Courses
  6. Instagram and Facebook ads courses.
  7. YouTube Monetization Courses
  8. Microsoft Word and Power Point Skills
  9. Beginners Data Analysis and more.

How to Register/Join

To register on Starmil, you will need to pay a one-time payment of N5,000 ($5) which is paid to any of the verified coupon code vendors.

After that, you return to the platform to complete your registration by providing the required details on the platform, and boom! You are a member of Starmil.

How to Make Money on Starmil

There are basically multiple ways to make money on Starmil. Here are the various ways to make money on Starmil income program:

1. Welcome Bonus – N3,000 ($3)

2. Participating in the Star Quest – $1 daily

3. Sales Commission – N4,200 ($4.2)

4. First level Referral/Affiliate Commission – $0.30

5. Second level referral commission – $0.10.

6. Upload and Sales Profit – 90%.

7. Participating in the Weekly Male and Female Starmil Face of the Week, where the winner goes with 30$ while the first runner up goes with 20$.

8. Access to Sell and Your Ebooks on the website. The uploader earns 20% of the sale cost, while the promoter earns 70% of the cost.

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How to Withdraw on Starmil?

You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account once you reach the withdrawal threshold on Starmil.

The minimum withdrawal amount on Starmil are as follows:

  • Affiliate Earners Minimum withdrawal amount – $7 (N7,000) and the days of withdrawal are Monday and Thursdays
  • StarQuest Minimum withdrawal amount – $35. This can only be withdrawn once every month.
  • Market Place Minimum withdrawal – $10.

When was Starmil Launched?

The domain was registered on the 11th of September, 2023 and was officially Launched on the 1st of November, 2023.

Is Legit or Scam?

Starmil is an income that wouldn’t stay for ever. Only early birds (those who join the platform earlier), will stand to benefit more from this platform. This is why it will be important you join at the early stage to be among the beneficiaries that will smile to their banks.

Final Verdict – Starmil Review

Wrapping it up, Starmil is a platform that will definitely crash someday. But for the duration it will stay, you should be counted among the beneficiaries of this great earning opportunity.

Thank you for patiently reading this Starmil down till this very point, I will this article was helpful to you. Please if you have any question, do well to share it in the comment section below.

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  1. Starmil is a legit easy money making website that give everyone a chance to become a millionaire Starmil in full means star millionaire, Starmil gives us plenty opportunities to be rich and by easy I mean you get to earn 1dollar everyday just for liking 3 videos everyday.this is an opportunity for everyone to grab and make use of, and that’s only one of the amazing features you get there’s also referral, whereas you per referral,and all you need to sign up on Starmil is $5 only which is equivalent to N5000 and with that 5000 you get to make millions in les than a year,here’s a link for you to sign up on Starmil and start earning millions today!!! you can also reach out to me on Facebook @Aishatheoriginal to get yourself registered by me


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