EarningEstate Review (How it Works, Legit or Scam?)

EarningEstate is a platform that assures its members of earning about N900 to N1,000 by completing tasks and even more when you refer your friends to join the platform. Let’s consider digging deep into this EarningEstate Review for more insight about the platform.

Unarguably, making money will always be the best option of making money, because it gives you the desired comfort of making cool cash even from the comfort of your bedroom. This opportunity is been offered by several money-making platforms online and EarningEstate is practically one of them.

In this article, I’ll be explaining how EarningEstate operates, how to earn from the platform, registration procedures, the withdrawal process and other features of the platform in this Earning Estate review. You can also get a Registration Discount Here. Just make sure you stay engaged with this article as I unveil all you need to know about them before joining.

About Earning Estate

Earning Estate is an income program created by innovative entrepreneurs to enable interested individuals to earn daily income by participating in different social media tasks.

This platform is open to everyone who is willing to make money online. Earning Estate offers an opportunity that allows you to turn your social media passion into a tool for making money.

The tasks on Earning Estate are very simple anyone could easily carry out to earn the amount attached to the tasks. The daily tasks include sharing sponsored content, daily logins, watching videos and other social media tasks.

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The platform has two unique packages which are the Super Package and Elite Package with a one-time subscription fee of N7,000 and N4,500 respectively. These packages have different earning structures. That is, different earning amounts.

How Earning Estate Works

Earning Estate provides a seamless opportunity to make money online by participating in normal social media activities which include daily logins, sharing sponsored articles and other tasks. Before then, you will need to register on the platform and you will need a Coupon Code to activate your account.

To purchase the coupon code, you will need to contact a verified vendor to purchase your code. This coupon code is used to activate your account. You can either purchase the code for The Super Package which is N7,000 or the Elite Package which is N4,500.

Once you purchase the code, you can return to the website to complete your registration by providing the needed information by the platform. Now, you are given access to earning cool money by leveraging the different earning options offered by Earning Estate.

All newly registered members of Earning Estate are given a welcome bonus depending on the Package they subscribe to. For the Super Package, you get a N4,000 welcome bonus, while for the Elite package, you get a N2,500 welcome bonus. Then, you can start earning using the different options on the platform.

Earning Estate has many ways in which its members can earn money after a successful registration. The various ways of earning money on Earning Estate include Daily Logins, sharing sponsored posts, watching promotional videos, and referring new members to join the platform.

Earning from this platform is not limited to a particular class of personality, so far you have your smartphone with an internet connection and the money to subscribe to any of the packages, and you are good to go.

Earning Structure on Earning Estate

As explained earlier, Earning Estate has two packages which are the Elite Package and the Super Package. These packages have similar tasks to be performed, but different commissions for each task.

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Elite Package

Below is the summary of the earning structure of the Elite package:

earningestate review
  • Welcome Bonus – N2,500
  • Referral Bonus – N3,500
  • Indirect Bonus – N300
  • 2nd Indirect Bonus – N100
  • Daily login Bonus – 350EP
  • Daily Post Bonus – 350EP

Remember, as a member of the Elite Package you can only refer Elite Package users and earn the referral commissions attached to it.

Super Package

Below is the summary of the earning structure of the Super Package:

earningestate review
  • Welcome Bonus – N4,000
  • Referral Bonus – N5,000
  • Indirect Bonus – N400
  • 2nd Indirect Bonus – N150
  • Daily login Bonus – 450EP
  • Daily Post Bonus – 450EP

As a member of the Super Package, you can refer members to both Super and Elite packages and earn referral commissions attached to them.

How to Register on Earning Estate

The registration procedures on Earning Estate are very straightforward and easy to complete. Below are the steps to successfully register on the platforms:

  1. Select your preferred package from either the Super Package (N7,000) or the (N4,500).
  2. Contact any of the verified coupon vendors to purchase your coupon code. This code will be used to activate your account. (CONTACT SUPREME MEDIA AND GET 1K DISCOUNT).
  3. Make your payment to the coupon vendor depending on your preferred package. This is a one-time payment.
  4. Return to the registration portal to complete your registration by filling out the required information and submitting your application to start making money from the platform.

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Earning Estate Withdrawal (Withdrawal Threshold)

Earning Estate has an automated withdrawal method for both referral and activity earners and Packages. The withdrawal threshold of Earning Estate differs for both referral and activity earners. Below are the withdrawal amounts on Earning Estate:

Withdrawal Threshold for Super Package

  • Referral Earners Withdrawal Threshold – N10,000
  • Activity Earners Withdrawal Threshold – 31000EP
  • Withdrawal Date and Time – Tuesday and Friday from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Withdrawal Threshold for Elite Package

  • Referral Earners Withdrawal Threshold – N7,000
  • Activity Earners Withdrawal Threshold – 23000EP
  • Withdrawal Date and Time – Tuesday and Friday from 1pm to 3pm.

Features of Earning Estate

Apart from the normal ways of earning money on Earning Estate, Earning Estate has other amazing features that will blow your mind. Here are the features of the Earning Estate income program:

  1. Access to Digital Courses

As a member of Earning Estate, you gain access to different digital courses with your activity balance. The courses you can learn include:

  • Crypto Trading
  • Graphic Designs
  • Web Development
  • Forex Trading
  • Social Media Adverts
  • Video Editing
  • WhatsApp TV Creation
  • VTU Services (Recharge/Data)

The platform provides an option where its members can buy and sell data and airtime using the activity balance on the platform. you can also use it to sell data and airtime to your family and friends.

  • EarningEstate Freelance

Members of Earning Estate can post and share their services on the platform to get hired by people who need their services.

  • EarningEstate Transfer

As a member of Earning Estate, you can transfer your earnings to other members of the platform.

  • P2P
  • Raffle Draw
  • EarningEstate Betting

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Is EarningEstate Legit?

EarningEstate is an innovative platform that claims to provide a unique way of letting its members earn passive income. Though its operation won’t stay forever, users can literally make money during its period of operation.

The fact is that Earning Estate will pay both affiliate and activity earners at its new stage of being launched, but in the long run, it will start paying only Affiliate earners. So, if you have referring techniques, this will favor you more.

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