Review: Is Megamove Scam, Legit and Real Income Program?

Megamove is a Ponzi income program that allows its members to earn passive income through social media tasks. Read this review to discover everything we know about this platform, to help you take a positive decision.

This platform assures both its existing and potential members of various options for making daily passive income by leveraging the various earning options available. All these can be carried out even from the comfort of your bedroom. You shouldn’t just jump into the platform because of its enticing words, but because it will favour you.

The various ways and options of making money online have now been made easy and more convenient because there are several earning opportunities spread across the internet with different earning pattern which includes: online surveys, social media earning sites, blogging, YouTubing, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting etc.

Over the years, many have embraced making money online because of its lucrative, profitable and comfortable nature, rather than moving out by 8 am every morning, returning at 6 pm daily, and still getting peanuts after the whole stress.

Though making money online seems to be the best option, scammers have also leveraged it to defraud innocent hustlers, some scam platforms still present themselves to be legit while they are not. This bounces us back to the necessity of always checking out reviews before joining any platform irrespective of how pleasant they seem to be. They might come with flashy and mouth-watering promises to entice you. Do not fall for it, always make your research.

Here is another recently launched income program, parading with mind-blowing promises, claiming to let their registered members earn passive income by completing simple social media tasks on their platform at their convenience. is likely to either be a Legit or a scam platform, just patiently read this article to the end to get detailed facts about this platform.

In this article also known as review, we’ll be checking out the certain fact regarding this new income program known as, and also answering other questions related to this income program.

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Make sure you read this review to the end to get detailed information about if it is worth you joining or going for other income programs that pay.

About – Review is an income program that creates a money-making opportunity for its members to make money simply by completing simple social media tasks and referring new members to the platform to earn commissions. with its new domain (, is similar to other popular income programs in Nigeria such as Learnify, Megawave, Miratel, superwave etc. Most of these platforms have crashed while some are still in existence. is a free-to-join platform that offers numerous earning options that you can select your preferred to earn as much as you can, but you will have to activate your account before you can be given full access to earn from the platform.

How Does Work?

To be a participant in the income scheme, you need to register on the platform by navigating to the registration page where you will be required to provide your details such as your username, email address, password, referral code, then click the SIGNUP button to become a member of

Once you successfully complete your registration on, you get a welcome bonus of N400 that appears immediately on your balance. This bonus is assigned to all new members of, but you have to activate your account before you can be granted access to start earning on the platform.

To start earning on, you will need to activate your account by scrolling down your dashboard to the bottom, clicking on the “activate your account” button, pay the sum of N1,000 to the account detail display. Once your payment is approved, you now gain full access to start earning from the various earning options on the platform.

There are various ways members of can make passive income once their account is activated. You can earn on through the Mega task, social media tasks, and the referral program which allows you to invite/refer new members to join the platform to earn referral cashback.

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To register/become a member of, follow the steps below to complete your registration process:

  1. Visit their Official website – CLICK HERE to access
  2. Provide your username
  3. Enter your valid email address
  4. Provide your password
  5. Enter your referral code
  6. Click on the term and condition
  7. Then Click on the “SIGN UP” button to become a member. Signin/Login

To Login to your account, the following are required:

  1. Visit the login/sign-in portal
  2. Provide your email address
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on the “SIGN IN” Button to access your account Referral Program/Commission

The referral program seems to be the most lucrative and profitable method of earning massively from This process involves you sending your referral to your family and friends to join the platform through it. gives you a bonus of N500 for every person that registers on the platform through your unique referral link. This bonus is accredited to you once anyone registers on through your link.

All you just do is send them your referral link to your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. and when they join with your link, you stand a chance of enjoying the referral commission as explained above.

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Here are the minimum withdrawal amount and days of withdrawal for both the affiliate and activity earners. Activities Earners Withdrawal

  • Minimum withdrawal: N3,000
  • Days for withdrawal: Every 1st Saturday of the month Affiliate / Referral Earners

  • Minimum withdrawal: N600
  • Days for Withdrawal: Anytime

So, once you meet the withdrawal threshold on the platform whether as a referral or activity earner, you can place for withdrawal.

To withdraw your funds on, you will have to provide your local account details and the amount you wish to withdraw.

When was Launched/Created?

The platform was launched on the 17th of July, 2023. This shows that the platform is a newly created platform at the time of publishing of this article.

Who is the owner/Founder of has failed to provide any information regarding its owner/founder. This shows the platform is out for a dirty game. No trusted platform will fail to provide information about its founder/owner. Beware of

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Pros and Cons of

Despite the pleasant features of, it’s advisable to check some pros and cons of before joining to stay on the safer side. Here are some Pros and cons of

Pros of

  • User-friendly website
  • Different earning options
  • Free-to-join income program

Cons of

  • is a Ponzi Scheme
  • No information about the owner of the platform.
  • is a Get-rich-quick platform and cannot be trusted.
  • The platform has no means of generating extra income to pay its members for a long time.

Is Paying?

No proof of payment is recorded regarding at the time of publishing this airtime, but this kind of income program usually pays referral/affiliate earner, while the activities have a 50/50 chance of being paid. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed at the moment.

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Is Legit? is a Ponzi income program that will crash anytime soon. All Ponzi Schemes are potential scams. That is why you shouldn’t rely on them. They will always come with pleasant earning opportunities to lure people to join them. Be careful.

The fact remains that is a potential scam. Eventually, the platform pays, they will only pay the affiliate earners while the activity will go back with nothing.

Is a scam? is a potential scam platform. Though no scam case has been recorded at the moment, it has the features of a platform that won’t stay for long.

Final Verdict – Review is one of those online Ponzi schemes that offer get-rich quick-earning opportunities to the public just to lure them in. As an online hustler, you have to be sceptical while joining any platform like because it is likely to crash at any time with people’s funds without even notifying them. Just make sure you invest wisely.

I believe this review was helpful to you and has revealed if is a Legit or a Scam income program that you should either join or stay away from. Don’t forget to also share your thoughts about this platform in the comment section below, it might be of help to others.

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