Review: Is Thomdock Legit? Find Out

Thomdock is a fraudulent fish investment platform, That promises that is members can invest in fish different kind of fish to and get daily profit for 45 days. In this honest review, we’ll get to know if this platform is who/want they claims to be.

The increase in investment platforms these days has been something to be concerned about. This has made it difficult for some people to differentiate the legit ones from the scam ones because of their similarities. One thing you will use to identify most scam investment platforms is through their outrageous returns on investments and they usually come with lots of promises.

Many have stopped engaging themselves with any that has to do with making money online, not knowing that they are losing a lot, maybe due to their encounter with online scammers. I must tell you that Despite the numerous scam platforms spread across the internet, there are still some of these platforms that have stood to maintain their integrity over the years. is likely to either be one of the legit or scam platforms that have provided the opportunity to make money online at your own pace with a minimum investment amount of N2700 to get N118 daily for 45 days. but the questions are, Is Legit or a scam platform? This question needs an answer.

Many are really concerned if is a Legit or a scam platform. Chill! All these will be considered in the article as we proceed in this review. Review

Many online hustlers have fall victim to online scammers due to the fact that they neglect to do the right thing because jumping into any online money-making platform. Reading reviews about any platform before joining will give show you what people are saying about the platform and their experiences. After analyzing their experiences, you can now take your decision on either joining or staying away from the platform.

Just make sure to stick tightly to this article to get a clearer understanding and view of this platform. And i believe that after reading this Review, you will know if the platform is a legit or a scam platform. Just take a cup of coffee and sip slowly as we proceed.

What is About? is a fish investment platform where users can earn daily profits for 45 days depending on the amount they invest in the platform. This platform assures you that with a minimum of N2,700, you can get started and start earning on the platform.

This platform has no different features from other investment websites you might have come across. The only difference is that in, you are actually investing in a digital fish while other investment platform has other digital products you invest in to get your daily profit.

According to the platform (The about us page), claims to be a well-known aquaculture company established in June 2012 and headquartered in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Every year, millions of tons of high-quality aquatic products are exported to countries such as Europe and Asia. It is also a well-known export supplier of semi-finished aquatic products in Nigeria. It has a good business model and a mature and large-scale industrial chain.

The above information was found on the About Us page of, and the information seems to be a piece of unreliable information. Regardless, let’s proceed to see the mode of operation of this platform and whether it will suit you or not.

How Does Work?

The whole activities of this platform are just for members to invest in any digital fish of their choice and start receiving daily profits depending on the amount invested. This opportunity can only be accessed by registered members of the platform. So, all you just need to do is to complete the simple registration form to become a member.

After successful registration on, you now gain full access to start earning from the platform by investing in any of the available digital fish products to get daily returns on your investment and also referring/inviting your family and friends to join the platform through your referral link to earn referral commissions for each referral.

There are several investment plans to invest in to get your daily profit as a member of With a minimum amount of N2,700, you can get started. In the N2,700 plan, you get a daily profit of N118.8 for 45 days. not only this but there are other plans available on the platform that you can also invest in.

The minimum investment plan on is N2,700 while the maximum investment plan is N84,000. These plans have different daily return rates attached to them and are valid for 45 days. That is, the higher the plan, the higher the daily profit to be earned. But invest what you can afford to lose.

Referring or inviting your family and friends to join the platform is another way of earning extra money on the investment site. This method I will say is the most lucrative and profitable earning method on this platform. Investment Plans

Here are the available investment plans on for members and potential members to invest in:

Variety: T-1

  • Amount: 2700NGN
  • Cycle: 45Days
  • Profit: 118.8NGN
  • Total: 5346NGN

Variety: T-2

  • Amount: 8000NGN
  • Cycle: 45Days
  • Profit: 360NGN
  • Total: 16200NGN

Variety: T-3

  • Amount: 21000NGN
  • Cycle: 45Days
  • Profit: 966NGN
  • Total: 43470NGN

Variety: T-4

  • Amount: 42000NGN
  • Cycle: 45Days
  • Profit: 1974NGN
  • Total: 88830NGN

Variety: T-5

  • Amount: 84000NGN
  • Cycle: 45Days
  • Profit: 4032NGN
  • Total: 181440NGN

How to Join/Sign-Up on Thomdock?

To register on, follow the procedures below

  1. Click on this LINK to visit their official website
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter your preferred password
  4. Enter the invitation code (use 04e4dfb1)
  5. Click on Send to get your OTP
  6. Provide the OTP
  7. Click on the Sign in button to get started. Login/Sign in

To login to your account, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Visit the Login Page
  2. Provide your phone number
  3. Enter your password
  4. Then click on the Login button to access your account Referral Program

The referral program is the most profitable way of earning from the platform rather than investing to get daily profit on your investment. The referral program requires you to invite your friends with your referral link to join the platform, and when they register with your link, you get a referral commission.

When you refer anyone to join with your unique referral link, you get a referral commission in three levels. That is level 1, level 2, and level 3. The referring option has no limit, you can refer as many persons as your desire. The more referrals, the more commission you are likely to earn.

You can get more referrals by sharing your referral with your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media handles. Through this, you can catch up with your potential downlines (referrals). Minimum Withdrawal Amount

The minimum withdrawal amount on is N1,000. So, members of are eligible to withdraw their funds from the platform once they have a minimum of N1,000 in their balance.

Withdrawing from is only available for members who have reached the minimum withdrawal amount assigned by the platform.

All you just need to do is to provide your local bank account details. i.e., your bank account name, bank name, and account number, then you input the amount you want to withdraw and request for the withdrawal. Remember, it must be from N1,000 and above.

Is Paying? has stopped paying its members for a very long time now. The platform crashed and vanished with millions owned by those who invested their money on the platform.

When was Launched?

According to Whois, the domain was created on the 3rd of April, 2023 while on their About Us page, the platform claims to be in existence since 2012. This practically shows that the information they share is all fake.

Pros and Cons of

Here are the Pros and Cons of the investment platform to help you determine whether you should join the platform or not.

Pros of

  • A Free-to-join platform
  • The platform has a user-friendly interface
  • Offers different investment plans
  • The website is secured with an SSL certificate

Cons of

  • is a Ponzi Scheme that won’t last long
  • No means of communication
  • Has no physical address
  • Has no social media presence to interact with members
  • No information about its Owner/CEO
  • Sharing False Information to the Public


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Is Legit? is a pure Ponzi scheme that won’t stay for long before crashing. The platform also shares false information about itself with the public just to gain their attention and lure the public to join them.

Remember, all Ponzi Schemes are potential scams which means that is a potential scam that might crash anytime soon. Do not be carried away by their numerous promises, they are all means of deceiving you.

The honest truth remains that is a potential scam despite how promising they seem. Even if it pays, it won’t last long. Just make sure you invest your money wisely to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Is a Scam? is a verified scam platform. In fact, the platform stopped operating long time ago and many people loosed their money and have not be able to get them back till today. You have to be very skeptical when putting your money in this kind of platforms because they may crash at any time and no one will be held responsible for any loss that would be encountered.

To avoid being a victim of this, it will be better to go for other investing or earning platforms that are reliable rather than putting your hard-earned money at stake with this platform.

Update on Review is verified scam platform that recently deployed a system where members will have to invest the same amount they wants to withdraw. I will advise all members of Thomdock to cease operation from the platform because it is a 100% scam platform

Final Verdict

In my verdict, I tag as a potential scam platform, firstly, for hiding the identity of its founder/owner and secondly, for sharing false information about themselves to the public. If you still want to give them a try, that would be at your personal risk.

Thank you for reading this article to the end. I believe this review has revealed everything you need to know about and if is legit or a scam investment platform that you should either join or stay away from.

In addition to that, you can share your experiences and opinions about the platform in the comment section below. Your comment or opinion might guide others.

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  1. I just got to hear about thomdock 3 days ago. The first red flag for me is the ROI, how can you get such a high level of return within a 45 day. Period. Them dey mint d money?


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