Voissy.com Review – Is Voissy.com Legit or Scam?

Voissy.com is a survey platform where users are allowed to participate in paid surveys to make money every day. Hello guys, it’s glad to have you once again on my blog as you came to read this voissy.com review to know if the platform is a legitimate survey platform you can trust or not.

Voissy.com is a platform open to everyone, that allows you to get paid by participating in paid surveys and earning points as well. You probably might have heard about this platform from a friend or came across it yourself and don’t know how it works.

Since this website is concerned, I know many out there are having doubts about whether the platform is legit or a platform that doesn’t worth your time at all. That shouldn’t be a problem. By the time you finish reading this review, you will conclude that for yourself.

Voissy.com Review

Voissy.com is a survey platform where users are allowed to participate in paid surveys to make money every day. The platform promises to pay you for your time spent.

If you want to know every detailed information about Voissy.com, then you have to read this review carefully as this review focuses on keywords like is Voissy.com legit or a scam, how Voissy.com work, how to make money on Voissy.com and detailed information about this platform.

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What is Voissy.com?

Voissy.com is a paid survey platform that offers paid surveys to their registered members, allowing them to earn money for completing the surveys.

According to the platform, they promised to pay you for your time because your time and opinions, and they claim that you will be rewarded every time you successfully answer a survey.

What the above statement means is, whenever you complete a survey, you get paid for it instantly.

The platform is available in a few countries. So before joining, you will have to check if your resident country is eligible to participate in the Voissy.com surveys.

How Does Voissy.com Work?

The activity of Voissy.com circles around completing surveys and this is open to only registered members of the platform. Once you’re a registered member, you can start participating in these surveys to make money.

Here is how the platform works

1.  Signup on the platform

The first step to get started on this platform is by registering to become a member. You can do that by providing the required information (country, zip code, surname, first name, gender, date of birth, email address, and password) to register. After that, you’re good to go.

While registering, you need to abide by the rules and regulations governing the platform. Immediately after your registration, the platform offers you 300 points instantly.

2. Start Taking Surveys:

Once you are registered to the platform, you gain full access to the paid surveys offered on the platform.

These surveys are open to all registered members and can be performed at anytime, anywhere depending on when you love to participate in it.

Before that, you will have to complete your profile so that surveys that suits your will be shifted to you. So, you get paid for your time as promised by Voissy.com.

3. Get Your Reward:

For each survey you successfully complete or answer, you get a reward. These rewards are given in form of points. i.e., you earn points for each survey you complete.

These earned points can now be converted to cash and you get paid through Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal, and other rewards, but you’ll have to accumulate plenty of points to be eligible for withdrawal.

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Voissy.com Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is another lucrative way of earning from Voissy.com. The program is the process where you have to recommend the platform to others. The Voissy.com affiliate allows you to promote the platform and earn commissions when anyone joins the platform through your unique affiliate link.

As an affiliate member of Voissy.com, you are allowed to monitor and track your referrals and the amount you’ve earned. Affiliate earners are allowed to withdraw their earnings using either PayPal or directly to their local bank account every week.

This will perfectly work for those who own a blog. They can promote their affiliate link on the blog pages and people will register through their link.

What are the Payment Methods on Voissy.com?

Once you complete the surveys and accumulate as many points as required, these points can then be converted to cash and paid to you either through PayPal, Amazon Gift cards, etc.

Eligible Countries to Join Voissy.com

Voissy.com accept members from a few countries. They include:

  • France
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • United State
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Ireland
  • Indonesia
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Italia
  • Ecuador
  • And many others

How to Register on Voissy.com?

To register on Voissy.com, follow the steps given to register and start completing the surveys.

1. Visit their website (www.Voissy.com)

2. Navigate to the sign-up page where you will provide information like (Your resident country, zip code, surname, first name, gender, date of birth, email address, and password, then click on ‘Subscribe to Voissy’.

3. Once you register, you will have to complete your profile to enable the system to provide surveys that suit you.

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Is Voissy.com Legit?

The legitimacy of Voissy.com cannot be ascertained at the moment but definitely, with time you will know if Voissy.com is a legit or scam survey platform.

Lately, I noticed some scam survey platforms which Voissy.com might be in the queue. I don’t know yet because it’s a new platform.

Is Voissy.com a Scam?

Proclaiming Voissy.com as a scam survey platform will be inappropriate because I have to prove to verify that the platform is a scam. Anyways, you have nothing to lose here because you don’t pay a dime to join the platform. It’s totally free.


In summary, Voissy.com is a paid survey platform that claims to allow its members to make money online by completing or answering surveys daily. You get rewarded depending on the number of surveys you are able to answer everyday. You can complete as many surveys as desired. The more the surveys, the more the money you make on the platform.

The website is open to all but restricted to some countries which I listed above. If your country is eligible, you can register and start taking the surveys. You can as well share your experience with us if Voissy.com is Legit or a scam survey platform.

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