Review – Is Legit or Scam? is a platform that allow their members to earn commissions for grabbing orders on their website every day. I’m pleased to have you visit my blog today to read this and get detailed information about the platform to know if it is a legit platform or another scam.

Are you already registered to searching if the platform is a reliable earning platform or you’re about to join and what to know how the platform works? This article is for you.

In case you don’t know, is a platform that allows their registered members to earn money by grabbing orders to earn commissions from the order.

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What is is a platform that allow their members to earn commissions for grabbing orders on their website every day.

You will agree with me that platforms of this nature are frequently been launched and after a while, they crash. Is one of them? I will say a big YES to that.

Now, let’s see how works and the features offered by the platform, and if it is worth you joining or not.

How Does Work?

The primary way of earning from this platform is by subscribing to any of their VIP areas, join it, and start grabbing orders to get daily profit. Only members of the platform have access to earning from this platform.

Here is a summary of how works.

1. Signup on the Platform

To gain full access to the platform, you must be registered first. You do this by going to the signup page of the website, inputting the information required (email address, password, transaction password, invitation code, and telegram number) then register to become a member.

Immediately after you successfully complete your registration, a virtual 13 UST will be added to your balance for a start.

2. Subscribe to a VIP Plan

Once you’re done with your registration, to start earning on this platform, you will have to subscribe to any of the VIP plans.

To subscribe to your preferred VIP plan, you will have to recharge your account using any of the payment methods available. After that, you can now go ahead and subscribe to your preferred VIP plan. The minimum deposit amount is 7USDT.

There are various VIP plans offered by, these plans are ranked according to their subscription amount and the commission to be earned when you join them. That simply means the higher the VIP plan, the higher your daily income you are to earn.

Once you subscribe to your preferred plan, you are allowed to start grabbing orders to earn daily profit and you are to grab only one order every day but the commission you will earn depends on the plan.

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The withdrawal portal is open once you reach the required withdrawal threshold. The withdrawal threshold on is $1.

To make a withdrawal on, you will have to provide either your ERC20 or TRC20 Wallet address, your name, and the amount your want to withdraw then request for withdrawal.

You can also withdraw your earnings from through your local bank account by providing your account number and then request for withdrawal. Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is another way members of this platform can earn money. When you refer a friend to join the platform, you get rewarded.

You can share your unique link to your social media walls to attract more referrals. But I wouldn’t advise you to refer anyone to this platform because it is a scam.

Who is the CEO of

I was unable to find any information about the CEO of which is always a feature possessed by fraudulent and scam platforms.

A true and honest platform would have been 100% transparent to its investors. But have not. This is a Red flag to them.

Is Legit? is not a legit platform. It is a bunch of fraud with a mission to scam people of their hard-earned money. do not fall victim to this scam.

There are so many complaints about being a scam platform. An investor on the platform complained that he deposited for the VIP 2, completed his tasks, and was not allowed to withdraw his funds.

Is a Scam?

Absolutely YES, is a big-time scam and fraudulent platform. Do not invest a dime in this platform, they will scam you. is a scam platform, which i will urge everyone to stay very far away from them because the platform is not reliable in any way.

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In summary, do not invest a dime in, the platform is operated by internet fraud gangs with the target of stealing people’s money. do not fall victim to this scam. Beware!!!

You can as well share your opinions about with us in the comment section below. Your comment might guide others not to fall prey to these online scammers.

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