Rhinoer.com Review – Is Rhinoer.com Investment Legit?

Rhinoer.com is an unreliable investment platform that claims its members can invest in different virtual products to earn daily income depending on the plan. This Rhinoer.com review is particularly focused on revealing the necessary information you need to know about this platform whether it is a legit or a scam.

The rapid increment of earning platforms on a daily basis has become so alarming, that even the scam ones present themselves to be legit, making it difficult for many inexperienced hustlers to identify the right platform to join, or even invest their money. this leads to the importance of reading reviews before joining any platform.

Most of these scam platforms offer outrageous commissions for tasks and high daily return on investment (ROI) as a means of luring you to join them. This is one of the steps to identify a scam and fraudulent platform. Sarcastically, Rhinoer.com is likely to be one of those legit or scam platforms that you should watch out for.

In this Rhinoer.com review, we will be unleashing this unbiased review on the platform known as “Rhinoer.com” if it is worth members joining or not, and how members of the platform can leverage the platform for daily passive income. In this review, we will also get to know if Rhinoer.com is legit or a scam platform.

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Rhinoer.com Review

If you’re still having some doubts regarding this platform, then this article is specially made for you. The platform seems to be promising and attractive with the various investment opportunities they provide with a minimum of N9,500.

Just make sure you carefully and patiently read this article to the end to get the detailed information you need to know about this platform.

Let’s quickly get into this Rhinoer.com review properly.

About Rhinoer.com

Rhinoer.com is an investment platform that offers several investment projects to its members as a means of generating daily income for 90 to 365 days depending on the project they invest in.

According to the information found on the About Us page. Rhinoer.com claims “Rhinoer is one of the group’s fintech companies. At present, it is mainly engaged in the investment and financing of various commodities, including metals, agricultural products, natural gas and other energy products”.

The information on the About Us page of this platform sounds interesting but in conclusion, Rhinoer.com is not the kind of platform you should rely on when it comes to reliability. It is a Ponzi that might crash anytime without even notifying anyone. Be careful.

Rhinoer.com also claims that its office is located at No 3 Atbara Street, Off Cairo Street, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. Also, you can contact them via +234 07061526060 or email them via support@rhinoer.com.

How Does Rhinoer.com Work?

With the different investment plans available on Rhinoer.com, one can leverage them for daily income, depending on the project you pick interest in. The platform assures its members that with a minimum of N9,500, they can get started. But this opportunity to limited to only registered members. So, all you need to do is to register on the platform to be part of the investment scheme.

Once you complete your registration on Rhinoer.com, you get a welcome bonus of N500. To start earning officially, you will have to invest in any of the investment projects available on the platform. with a minimum of N9,500, members are assured of getting a daily income of N380 for a period of 90 days.

The platform has about 8 investment projects with different subscription amounts, daily income and duration. The minimum project on this platform is N9,500 while the maximum investment project is the G8, and the subscription amount is N4,200,000 with a daily income of N140,000 for a period of 365 days.

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Rhinoer.com Investment Plans

There are various investment plans on Rhinoer.com that members can leverage for daily income. Here are the VIP plans on Rhinoer.com:


  • Investment price: N9,500
  • Daily income: N380
  • Duration: 90 days


  • Investment price: N20,000
  • Daily income: N580
  • Duration: 365 days


  • Investment price: N48,000
  • Daily income: N1,900
  • Duration: 90 days


  • Investment price: N71,000
  • Daily income: N2,150
  • Duration: 365 days


  • Investment price: N142,000
  • Daily income: N4,295
  • Duration: 365 days


  • Investment price: N710,000
  • Daily income: N21,500
  • Duration: 365 days


  • Investment price: N1,575,000
  • Daily income: N52,500
  • Duration: 365 days


  • Investment price: N4,200,000
  • Daily income: N140,000
  • Duration: 365 days

How To Register on Rhinoer.com

To register on Rhinoer.com, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Click on the LINK to access their official website
  2. Enter your phone number and get a confirmation code
  3. Create your preferred password
  4. Enter your referrer’s code (optional)
  5. Then click on the “Create a Free Account” button to complete your registration

Rhinoer.com Login/Sign in

To log in to your Rhinoer.com account, follow the steps given below

  1. Visit the Login Page
  2. Provide your registered phone number
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on the “Secure Login” button to access your account

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Rhinoer.com Referral Program/Commission

The Rhinoer.com referral program is another lucrative way of making extra money on the platform at ease. The referral programs allow you to earn referral commissions for inviting/referring new members to join the platform with your unique referral link.

When a new member joins/registers on the platform with your referral link, you get rewarded with N500 referral commission for each referral you earn. You can also earn referral commission in 3 levels (level 1 – 5%, level 2 – 3%, and level 3 – 2%). The referral commission you earn depends on the number of referrals you accumulate.

To get more referrals, you can share your referral link to your social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Sending your link to your social media handles can attract more referrals.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount on Rhinoer.com

The minimum withdrawal amount on Rhinoer.com is N2,000 That is, you must have a minimum of N2,000 before you can place for withdrawal.

Only members who meet the minimum withdrawal amount are eligible to place for withdrawal on the platform. so, to be able to withdraw, you must meet the required withdrawal threshold as assigned by the platform.

The withdrawal days are Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Note, that you will be charged an 8.00% withdrawal fee. All you just need to do is provide your local bank account details and the amount you wish to withdraw and then request the withdrawal.

When was Rhinoer.com Created/Launched?

The Rhinoer.com platform was created on the 24 of February 2023, which means the platform has been in existence for a long time. This shows that the platform is likely to crash anytime.

Who is the Owner of Rhinoer.com?

No information was found regarding the founder. The only information provided was their address, which they claim they are located at No 3 Atbara Street, Off Cairo Street, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

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Is Rhinoer.com Legit?

Rhinoer.com is one of those numerous Ponzi schemes on the internet. It is a potential scam platform that will shut down anytime soon. It will be safer if you invest what you can afford to lose or better still, stay away from them.

Is Rhinoer.com a scam?

Rhinoer.com is now confirmed as a scam platform parading with various investment options with the intentions of indirectly collecting money from you. Please do not invest on this platform, its activities aren’t genuine.

Final Verdict – Rhinoer.com Review

In conclusion, Rhinoer.com is a Ponzi Scheme which classifies it as a potential scam platform that you should beware of. Its operation won’t last long. Just be very careful while investing your money in this platform.

Do well to share your opinions and experience in the comment section below. Your comments and opinions might be of help to other online investors and hustlers like you.

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