Review – Is Legit, Scam and Paying? is a virtual bike renting platform, that allows investors purchase to virtual bikes which generate hourly income for them from 90 to 180 days. In this review, we will carefully reveal practically everything you are expected to know about this platform.

The platform has a variety of virtual bikes available, that let its member make their choice of investment depending on the ones they can afford. With just a minimum of N2,500, you can start earning N14.88 every hour which sums up to N357.12 everyday.

All these earning platforms will always come with a basket filled with empty enticement and mind-blowing earning opportunities that they won’t fulfil just to lure you into joining them, and at the end of it, you are back with nothing. Some even scam you of your hard-earned money and varnish. This brings us back to the importance of doing your research before joining any platform to know if it suits you or not.

Here comes another platform that claims you can earn comfortably from the comfort of your bedroom when you join them, purchase any of the virtual bikes available on their platform to start earning hourly income for about 90 to 180 days depending on the bike you choose. This sounds like an opportunity, right? But also, a risky game.

In this article, we will carefully check out some vital facts regarding this platform and how it works to enable make your decision on whether to join the platform or go for other profitable alternatives. Review – Legit or scam?

Are you still having some doubts about and want to know if the platform is a legit or a scam platform worth you joining or not? search no further because this review got you covered as you will get to know everything about this platform in this article.

In this review, we will be giving answers to some vital questions regarding this investment scheme such as how work? How to earn on Who are the founders of investment scheme? And is legit or a scam? answers to these questions will be unveiled in this article as we proceed.

All you just need to do is to carefully read and engage with this article from the beginning to the end, and I strongly believe that at the end of this review, you will make your decision on whether you should join or go for other alternatives that worth your money.

Without much ado, let’s jump into this review properly to see what it’s got to offer.

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About – Review is a virtual bike rental service provider, that gives investors the opportunity to rent these bikes that in turn generate hourly income for them. The platform has different renting amount which ranges from N2,500 to N800,000 for 90 to 180 days respectively.

According to the platform “Bee Bike is a professional local tourism and life service platform in Nigeria. Committed to the dividends of digital technology applications, providing people with more convenient and better travel services”.

Without wasting much time, let’s check out how works.

How Does Work?

By joining, you gain access to earning cool cash by just leveraging the option on the platform which is by renting virtual bikes that generate daily income for you depending on the bike you rented. With just a minimum of N2,500, you can get started to start making money from

This earning opportunity is only granted to members of, that is, to be a partaker of this earning scheme, you need to register. You can register when you visit their website, fill out and complete the form to become a verified member.

Once you complete your registration on, you get a welcome bonus of N1,000, which you can use to purchase the N1,000 package that allows you to earn N2.08 hourly and a daily income of N49.92 which is valid for 180 days.

If you want to start earning officially on, you need to rent any of the available virtual bikes to start generating hourly and daily income. With a minimum of N2,500 to N800,000 with a daily income of N357.12 and N159,984 valid for 90 to 180 days respectively.

The amount you earn depends on the bike you rent. That is, the higher the amount you invest in a bike, the higher the daily income you are likely to earn in return. But I will always advise you to invest what you can afford to lose in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Another way of making additional money on this platform is through the referral program which allows you to earn a commission for referring/inviting new members to join the platform through your unique referral link. I believe this is one of the lucrative ways of earning from this platform. Investment Products

There are varieties of bikes available on that allows you to earn daily income. Here are the available bikes on the platform:

LV.0 Bee bike rental (experience)

  • Hourly income ₦ 2.08
  • Effective 180 Days
  • Price ₦ 1000

LV.1 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 14.88
  • Effective 90 Days
  • Price ₦ 2500

LV.2 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 35.7
  • Effective 90 Days
  • Price ₦ 6000

LV.3 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 89.2
  • Effective 90 Days
  • Price ₦ 15000

LV.4 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 297
  • Effective 90 Days
  • Price ₦ 50000

LV.5 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 694
  • Effective 90 Days
  • Price ₦ 100000

LV.6 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 1388
  • Effective 180 Days
  • Price ₦ 200000

LV.7 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 2777
  • Effective 180 Days
  • Price ₦ 400000

LV.8 Bee bike rental

  • Hourly income ₦ 5000
  • Effective 180 Days
  • Price ₦ 600000

LV.9 5G baz istasyonu kiralama

  • Hourly income ₦ 6666
  • Effective 180 Days
  • Price ₦ 800000 Registration/Signup – How to Register on

To register on and become a member, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the LINK to access their official website
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter the verification code
  4. Enter your preferred password
  5. Retype your password
  6. Enter the invitation code
  7. Click on the “Continue” button to become a member of

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To log in to your account, follow the steps given below

  1. Visit the Login Page
  2. Enter your registered phone number
  3. Provide your password
  4. Click on the ‘Sign in’ button to access your account Referral Program/Commission

Apart from the primary method of earning from, another profitable method of earning massively on this platform is through the referral program. The referral program is an easy and smooth method of earning from

When you refer a new member to join the platform with your referral link, you get rewarded with a referral bonus in 3 levels which are, level 1 – 10%, level 2 – 6%, and level 3 – 3% respectively. You get a reward for each member that joins the platform through your unique registration link.

To get more referrals, you can share your referral link to your social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Sending your link to your social media handles can attract more referrals. Withdrawal – Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Only members who meet the minimum withdrawal amount are eligible to place for withdrawal on the platform. so, to be able to withdraw, you must meet up the required withdrawal threshold as assigned by the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount on is N700. That is, when you have a minimum of N700 in your balance you are eligible to place for withdrawal. Members can withdraw their earnings on from 10 AM to 10 PM every Monday to Sunday. So, all you just need to do is to provide your local bank account details and place for withdrawal.

Who is the Owner of has decided to keep the identity of its owner anonymous to the general public because no information about the owner/CEO of this platform was shared. lacks transparency which serves as a red flag to them.

This method is usually leveraged by most scam platforms in order not to get caught while performing their fraudulent activities.

Is Paying?

No proof of payment has been found regarding at the time of publishing this article. If you think is paying or have paid you, do well to share your testimony in the comment section below.

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When was Launched/Created?

The domain was created on the 18th of July, 2023, which means the platform is over a month old as at the time of publishing this article.

Is Legit? – Review is a risky investment scheme that will crash anytime soon, which means you have a 50/50 probability of getting your money back if you invest with them. They might pay you, but that doesn’t classify them as a legitimate and reliable investment platform.

Paraventure you want to invest in, I will advise you to invest what you can afford to lose or better still, go for other alternatives because is not a legit platform.

If you are tired of all these Ponzi schemes, you can also check out How To Earn from Amazon from Home (5 Proven Ways).

Is a scam? – Review

Despite the fact that no scam case has been recorded on at the moment, is a potential scam platform that is likely to crash anytime soon. Invest wisely.

Final Verdict – Review

In my final verdict, I categorize to be a potential scam investment platform despite how pleasing and promising it may sound. All those enticements are means of luring you to join them so that they will scam you of your hard-earned money.

Thank you for patiently reading this review which I believe was helpful to you and has revealed to you if is a legit or a scam investment platform. and have also known how the platform operates.

You can also share your opinion and experience in the comment section below. Your comments and opinions might be of help to other online investors and hustlers like you not to fall prey to scammers.

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