Zicotech.ng Review: Is Zicotech Legit or Scam?

Zicotech is basically an income program where members make money by doing simple social media tasks daily. But you need the know the legitimacy status of this platform before joining.

Welcome to this comprehensive Zicotech.ng review where everything about this platform will be revealed for online hustlers to know if it is a legitimate and reliable income program that you should embrace or stay away from.

Zicotech is another kind of income program launched in Nigeria parading to be a network marketing community that helps you take advantage of the internet into tools for making money and learning as well.

Many persons have made the mistake of just jumping into any online earning platform they come across without making intense research about it, rather they join the platform and later start checking out reviews about the platform just to find out that the platform is a scam.

As an online hustler, before joining Zicotech or any platform at all, you’re to search for reviews regarding that platform before joining, this will really guide your online hustling path.

In this Zicotech review today, we’ll be looking at another earning platform to reveal everything you need to know about this platform before even thinking of joining them. Just make sure you patiently read this review line after line not to get lost in any useful information regarding Zicotech.

Zicotech.ng Review

The Truth of the matter is, Zicotech.ng is a Ponzi Scheme that is likely to crash at anytime. Despite the claim to be a website created with the aim of building a solid sustainable and productive community to make the world a better place. Here you can see they seem to be so promising. Hmm!

This earning platform has been around since February 2023. But it seems some persons are hearing about it now while others are yet to hear about this platform.

If you wish to know more about Zicotech.ng, then let’s proceed.

What is Zicotech.ng (Review)

Zicotech is an earning site that claims to give its members the space of making money leveraging the internet through daily activities.

On their about us page, Zicotech claims to be an online/Network Marketing community build to provide people with the opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn their everyday social media into a tool for learning and earning massive passive income.

Despite all the claims to be, the simple truth is that Zicotech is a Ponzi Scheme and no Ponzi Scheme is legit. They might pay for some time, but will definitely crash within a little time.

How Does Zicotech.ng Work?

The primary activity of this platform is for its members to perform simple social media tasks to earn commissions for the tasks performed. They also claim to allow their members to learn digital skills. That is the opportunity to earn and learn. But only registered members are eligible to enjoy these great offers.

You will, first of all, buy your coupon code from any of the verified vendor on the platform. The coupon code is sold for N3,500. Then you return to the website and complete your registration. After successful registration, you will be given a welcome bonus of N2,000 to start with. This marks your earning journey on Zicotech.

To start making money fully on Zicotech, you’ll have to start carrying out the daily social media tasks that will allow you to earn N650 every day. These tasks are very easy and you can carry them out at any time. The tasks to be performed on Zicotech just include daily site view, sharing posts etc.

Another way of making more money from Zicotech is through its referral program. You get rewarded with N2,500 for each person you refer. You’re not limited to the number of referrals you can accumulate. You can refer as many members as your wish.

In addition, Zicotech.ng has also provided the opportunity where their members can learn digital courses like Web Development, Crypto Trading, Blockchain Technology, Affiliate marketing, Smartphone Graphic Designs, NFTs, E-commerce, Programming/coding etc.

But before joining Zicotech.ng, remember the platform was launched in February, 2023, and as a Ponzi scheme, it won’t stay for long, it is likely to crash anytime soon.

Zicotech.ng Registration Process

To register on Zicotech.ng a very simple process, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit their official website – www.zicotech.ng
  2. Contact any of the verified coupon vendors to buy your coupon code
  3. Click on the “Get Started” on their Homepage to access the signup page
  4. Provide the needed information like your first name, username, last name, email address, password, phone number, and coupon code.
  5. Then you click on the Register button to complete your registration.

Zicotech.ng Login

To login to your Zicotech.ng account, follow the steps:

  1. Go to login page
  2. Provide your username and password
  3. Then click on Sign in to access your account.

Zicotech.ng Referral Program

Another lucrative way of making more money on Zicotech.ng is through the referral program. That is, referral friends to join the platform and you earn a reward as well.

When anyone registers on the platform using your unique link, you will be rewarded with a N2,500 bonus for your direct referral. You also get rewards down to your fourth downline which are N300, N100, and N100 respectively.

So, the more referrals, the more referral rewards you keep accumulating on the platform. You can get more referrals by sharing your link to your social media walls.

Zicotech.ng Withdrawal Process

Once the reach the required minimum withdrawal amount as assigned by Zicotech.ng, you are eligible to request for withdrawal and expect your alert in due time.

The minimum withdrawal differs for both affiliate and activity earners. As an affiliate earner on Zicotech.ng, you are eligible to place for withdrawal once you have a minimum of N5000 in your balance. While activities earners can place for withdrawal once they have a minimum of N20,000.

Affiliate earners can withdraw their earnings every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday while Activities earners can withdraw only on the 15th of every month.

To withdraw your earnings on Zicotech.ng, just make sure you provide your local bank account details and request the withdrawal. I doubt the fact that they will pay their activities earners despite promising to do so.

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Is Zicotech.ng Legit or Scam?

Zicotech.ng is a Ponzi Scheme and all Ponzi Schemes are scams. They usually employ a pattern of paying their member at their early stage to gain their trust and later vanish away.

My advice to anyone reading this article is, Zicotech.ng is not a legit platform and does not worth you joining it. You can search for other paying income programs.

Please stay very far away from Zicotech.ng and try to avoid the platform because it is a total that has nothing to offer despite proclaiming numerous promises. They are all means of luring you. Avoid it at all costs.

Final Verdict – Zicotech.ng Review

Stay away from Zicotech.ng, I would not recommend this platform because it is a Ponzi scheme that is bound to crash at any time. Instead, make research on other paying income programs.

If you’re searching for the query “Zicotech.ng review” I believe this article was able to enlighten you and be helpful to you in the sense that you now know the answer to “is Zicotech.ng legit or scam?” you can also share your thoughts regarding this platform in the comment section below.

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