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Searching to know more about the Rockystone investment platform, this article got you covered. The platform is a mining/investment platform that claims you can invest in their packages to earn daily income for 365 days. In this review, we’ll evaluate how the platform works and also reveal if the it is a legit or a scam investment platform.

This platform has different investment packages where investors can invest to get daily profit for 365 days. With a minimum of N3,000, investors are assured of getting a daily income of N600 for the stipulated period. This platform was launched on the 23rd of February, 2023.

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What is is a Nigerian mining and investment platform where investors get access to different mining packages where they can invest their money to start earning daily income. Investors are allowed to earn this daily income/profit for 365 days.

The investor claims to be a mining platform that engages in mining activities as a means of generating income thereby rewarding its investors with daily income.

How to Earn on provides several investment packages that allow its investors to make money by subscribing to them. There are about 6 different packages ranging from Mine 01 whose price is N3,000 down to the highest price which is Mine 06 which is N100,000 and are all valid for 365 days.

When you subscribe to any of the investment packages, you are required to complete the daily task which is mining. Each of the investment packages has its number of mining tasks. That is the higher the investment package, the higher the number of tasks you can complete and the commissions to be earned.

Another way of earning on this platform is by referring/inviting others to join the platform with your link. For every one you invite/refer to join the platform, you get N1,000. All you just need to do is copy your referral link and send it to the person who wants to register on the platform.

How to Register on

To register and become a member of, follow the procedures below:

1. Visit their official website (

2. Enter your phone number, password, verification code, and invitation code (use o9121uv675)

3. Then click on “Register” to complete your registration.

Once you complete your registration on the platform you get a welcome bonus of N200 which is immediately added to your balance. Then you can proceed to start making money by investing in any of their packages.

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Here are the following investment packages available on the platform:

Mine 01

  • Price: N3,000
  • Task Limit: 1
  • Daily income: N600
  • Duration: 365 days

Mine 02

  • Price: N6,000
  • Task Limit: 2
  • Daily income: N1,200
  • Duration: 365 days

Mine 03

  • Price: N12,000
  • Task Limit: 6
  • Daily income: N3,600
  • Duration: 365 days

Mine 04

  • Price: N24,000
  • Task Limit: 12
  • Daily income: N7,200
  • Duration: 365 days

Mine 05

  • Price: N50,000
  • Task Limit: 24
  • Daily income: N14,400
  • Duration: 365 days

Mine 06

  • Price: N100,000
  • Task Limit: 48
  • Daily income: N28,800
  • Duration: 365 days

How to Withdraw on

To withdraw your money on, you must attain the withdrawal threshold on the platform which is N1,000. All you just need to do is add your bank account details which include your bank name, account number, bank name and login password. Then you proceed to withdraw your money by providing the amount you want to withdraw and submit.

Is Paying?

No one has been paid by this platform at the time of uploading this article. If you think you’ve been paid by this platform, share your testimony in the comment section.

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Pros and Cons of

Check out the pros and cons of this investment platform before joining. Below are the Cons and Pros of

Pros of

  • Offers Affordable investment packages
  • User-friendly interface
  • The platform provided numerous packages.
  • Referral commission.

Cons of

  • is a Ponzi scheme
  • No legitimate source of generating the money that will be paid to its investors.
  • Lack of transparency in its operation.

Is Legit? has several features to proof that the platform isn’t a trusted investment platform which creates an alarm of carefulness when investing your money on this platform. However, might eventually pay their investors but won’t last for long.

Is a Scam?

To be sincere, is a potential scam platform. Though no one has been reportedly scammed at the moment, but you have to invest carefully because anything is likely to happen at any time.

Conclusion ( Review)

To conclude, is not a reliable investment platform and you should be very intentional when investing your money on the platform. Just make sure you invest what you know you can afford to lose.

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