Review (Is Legit or a Scam?) is an earning platform that allows its registered members to earn by performing daily tasks like sharing adverts and other tasks. The platform promise you can make up to N20,000 monthly by participating in their daily tasks to earn commissions.

In this review, I will be explaining all you need to know about this platform like How does the platform work? How to make money on the platform? and finally, you will know if the platform is legit or a scam platform.

There are other reliable and authentic ways of making money online which include blogging, YouTubing, freelancing, copywriting, etc. that you can comfortably leverage on them. Though this options might take time for you to start benefiting from them, but the outcome is worth it.

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What is is an online earning platform that allows its members to earn by sharing adverts and completing other social tasks. It is a similar platform to where users earn money by sharing sponsored posts and other simple tasks.

The difference between and is, gives higher bonuses compared to The platform claims you can earn up to N20,000 every month or even more that than by completing daily tasks on their website.

Apart from performing tasks to earn money on, another way to make money from this platform is through the referral program, which involves referring people to join the platform using your referral and you earn a commission when they register.

How Does Work? is a get-paid daily platform. Registering on this platform grants you access to start earning. That is, only registered members are allowed to earn from this platform. 

You can either register on the Premium plan or the Basic plan. The premium plan has more earning bonuses than the basic plan. To get started, all you need to do is, contact any coupon vendor on their website to purchase your coupon and proceed to register on your preferred plan.

Once you register, you will be given a welcome bonus depending on the plan you subscribed to (Premium plan = N1,000, and basic plan= 500), and the gateway to start making money will be open to you.

There are different ways of earning from which involves sharing sponsored posts, daily login, and referring. But the referring option is more profitable than others.

Making money from this platform is so lucrative that it can be done even from the comfort of your bedroom using either your smartphone, tablet, or PC with an internet connection and you are good to go.

How to Make Money on

The primary way of making money on is by performing daily tasks which include sharing sponsored posts and completing other simple social tasks.

Another way of making money on is through the affiliate/referral program. This process involves sending your unique referral link to family and friends and when they register, you’ll be rewarded with commissions.

The amount you will earn when you join depends on the plan you subscribed to. That is, the higher the plan, the higher the amount you earn. Let’s check out the plans available on Earning Plans

There are two plans available on which are the Premium plan and the Basic. Let’s see in detail, how much you can earn from each of these plans:

#1. The Premium Plan

  • Subscription amount: N3,500
  • Welcome Bonus: N1,000
  • Sharing of Sponsored post: N300
  • Daily login: N200
  • Referral Bonus: N2,000
  • Indirect Referral Bonus: N200

#2. The Premium Plan

  • Subscription amount: N1,500
  • Welcome Bonus: N5,000
  • Sharing of Sponsored post: N100
  • Daily login: N100
  • Referral Bonus: N800
  • Indirect Referral Bonus: N50

How to Register/Signup on

Registering on is very easy and anyone can navigate through it. Before registering, you’ll have to contact any of the vendors on their website, purchase a coupon code, and then proceed to the registration page.

Click HERE to Register Now

On the registration page, you’ll be asked to provide your username, name, bank name, account number, email address, select account type, coupon code, and password, and then click on “Register” to get started.

Click HERE to Contact any of their Coupon vendors

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How to Login/sign in to your

To log in/sign in to your account, you’ll be required to provide your email address and password, then click on Log in to access your account. Minimum Withdrawal Amount

You can place for withdrawal on once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the plan you subscribed to.

Minimum withdrawal amount for the Premium Plan

  • Affiliate earners = N5,000
  • Activity earners = N10,000

Minimum withdrawal amount for the Basic Plan

  • Affiliate earners = N2,500
  • Activity earners = N5,000.

So, once you meet the above withdrawal amount, you can place for withdrawal. Withdrawals are placed every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 12PM to 2PM.

How to Purchase Coupon Code on

To purchase a coupon on, you’ll have to contact any of the coupon vendors available on their website, message them that you want to purchase a coupon code, make payment, and follow the next step.

Note: Make sure you only contact the vendor on their website.

Is Paying?

YES, is paying at the moment. Some members who registered have been paid.

Who is the Owner/CEO of

I was unable to find any information about the CEO/owner of which is a red flag for this platform.

When was Launched or Created? domain was launched on the 30th of December, 2022, making the platform 14 days old platform when this article was published.

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Is Legit or A Scam? is currently a scam and has stopped paying their members at the time of publishing this article. The platform only lasted for some months and crashed because it has no resources to sustain its members for a very long time.

If you want to achieve this kind of platform, it is advisable to always join at their early launched stage and mostly leverage the affiliate option where you just have to refer people to join the platform

Conclusion –

Conclusively, is a platform you can join and start making a side income on daily basis by performing tasks.

Thank you for reading this review till the end. If you have any questions or suggestions about this platform, kindly share them with us in the comment section below to guide other hustlers like you not to fall victim.

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