Review – Is Legit or a Scam? Find out claims to be an investment platform where you invest and start grabbing orders every day to earn commissions. You wish to know if this investment platform and to also know if is a legit or a Scam investment platform

It’s no longer a new thing to you that many earning platforms are launched on daily basis, claiming to help you get financial freedom through whatever way they seem to offer yet, they ended up being scams.

I came across a money making platform today while surfing the internet, and I will like to share my honest review with you. The platform claims to be an investment platform where you invest and start grabbing orders every day to earn commissions.

Do you think this platform is legit? Let’s get to know more about the platform, and what they claim to offer to its registered members.

Now, let’s check out what this platform tends to offer.

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What is claims to be an investment platform where you invest and start grabbing orders every day to earn commissions.

I believe you will be very familiar with platforms of this nature. Many of them have existed operating with the same pattern. I wonder who is/are the brain behind all of these.

If you’ve been on the web for some time now, you should attest to what I’m saying. They come with several promises. These promises shouldn’t lure you to join them.

These platforms employ different strategies for scamming people of their hard-earned money. obviously, is likely to be one of them.

Let’s read further to see in full what this platform tends to offer and how the platform works.

How Does Work? is not a free earning platform. To start earning, you must deposit funds in your account which will be used to subscribe to any of the plans available on their website.

Here is the breakdown of how work.

1. Sign up on

As in the case of other platforms, from which is not exempted, you will have to be one of their registered members to gain access to the platform.

To register, you will have to visit their official page, provide the required details to register and boom, you are now a member of the platform. It is as easy as that. As a registered member, you can now start earning from the platform.

Remember that before you can start earning on this platform, you must make a deposit first.

2. Invest in Any Package/Industry in

The primary way of making money on this platform is by investing in one of their plans. When you invest, you will be allowed to grab orders every to earn commission from those orders.

The plans available on their platforms allow you to earn a different percentage of commissions depending on the plan you subscribed to.

To join these plans, they are different amounts to be paid. The minimum plan will require you to pay a one-time subscription fee of N500, and you are to get a 4% commission from the orders you grab every day.

Other plans allow you to earn even more and their subscription amounts are also higher. They have plans ranging from N500 down to N5000. It’s your choice to select which plan you want to go for. Remember, invest wisely.

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How to Register on

The registration procedure on is very simple. Follow the steps of the registration given below:

  1. Visit their website –
  2. Provide the required details (username, password, invitation code, and phone number)
  3. Use my code (83600)
  4. After that, you click on Register to get started. Login

To log in/sign in to your account, you will have to provide your username and password, and then you click on Log In to access your account.

How to Invest on

To invest in, you will have to deposit in your account first before you can be able to invest in any of the investment plans on

To Deposit your account, you’ll click on Deposit, select the amount you wish to deposit, pay to the account number displayed there, upload your payment proof, and click on Confirm, and your account will be funded. Referral Commission

Referring or inviting friends to join the platform is another earning from the platform allows you to earn extra income when anyone joins the platform through your referral link which you will be given a commission for each referral.

When anyone registers through your link, you will get a referral bonus down to the third level. Withdrawal

You are only allowed to withdraw your money from when you reach the withdrawal threshold, and what’s the withdrawal threshold? The withdrawal threshold is N1,500. You are only allowed to withdraw once a day.

Before withdrawing, you will be asked to provide your bank account details, and then after that, you can place for withdrawal.

Remember, before you can withdraw your money from this platform, you must complete at least 50 orders according to the platform.

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Is Legit? might be paying at the moment but, it’s one of those platforms that are likely to crash at any time. So, if you’re investing in this platform, make sure you invest wisely.

Is a Scam?

Obviously, is likely to be a scam platform. To be on the safer side, invest wisely in case of anything happens suddenly.


We’ve come to the end of the Review, I believe you now have detailed information about the platform and whether it is a legit platform that is worth your time or not. In the long run, we will know if it is a scam investment platform, but don’t be a victim if the platform turns out to be a scam in the long run.

I believe this Review was helpful to you. If you have any experience to share about this platform, we’ll like to see it in the comment section below. Thank you.

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