( Review): Legit or Scam?

Primeshares is a three-way earning platform where members are opportune to make money through affiliating, selling e-Books, and trading volatile shares. It will be safer to know if this income program is worth you joining before jumping into it.

Primeshares is an income program that creates the environment of making money online by sharing daily trends and other activities on the platform. The platform claims to be specialized in e-book selling, shares trading, and affiliate marketing which allows its members to make money even from the comfort of their bedrooms.

We can all attest to the massive creation of income programs which has also birthed numerous online scams and led to an increase in online scamming. Eventually, many online hustlers have fall victim to these online scammers. That is why making in-depth research is necessary.

The certainty about most of these platforms is, when you join them at their early stage of being launched, you have a 100% possibility of making a lot of money from it before it becomes choked up with a lot of members.

Without more argument, let’s get into this review properly to see what the platform tends to offer to both their already existing members and potential members. Let’s proceed in this review.

Also check: Review: Registration, How it works, Legit or Scam? Review claims to be a platform that offers the services that every purchase is made with you in mind which include Affiliating, volatile shares trading, and selling of e-Books. These are what this platform claims they offer to its members. Should this convince you to join them?

Notwithstanding what claims to offer, just make sure you stay tight with this article, as this review will give you a clear insight into how works if it is worth you joining them or if you should go for an alternative.

About (Review)

Primeshares is a three-way earning platform where members are opportune to make money through affiliating, selling e-Books, and trading volatile shares and other earning options

According to them, the purpose of this platform is to bring about a financially secure ecosystem to their already existing and intending to join members. These features allow them to make money from the comfort of their homes.

Primeshare isn’t just available in Nigeria alone. It has spread its wings to Ghana, which means you can join the platform with a one-time registration fee of 113 Cedis and start making money on the platform.

Without further discussion, let’s check out how the primeshare income program works as we proceed in this review

How Does Work

The whole activities of just lay around these three steps which are; registering, completing the daily tasks (activities or referring), earning commissions, and withdrawing your earnings to your local bank account.

Once you complete your registration, you get a welcome reward of N2000 ($5). Then you can now start making money by either sharing trends or referring friends to join through your unique referral link.

All members of are entitled to make N500 ($1) daily by sharing daily trends. This definitely means you’re to earn roughly N3,500 ($3.5) weekly just for sharing trends.

You also earn more by inviting your friends to join this income program to get a commission of N3,200 ($6), and you also get commissions from the first and second spillovers which are N300 ($0.60) and N100 ($0.2) respectively. provides a feature where its members can acquire digital skills with the funds earned on their platform. Also, members can transfer funds within themselves. With a minimum of N6,000 ($12), you can get this done.

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How to Register on

Follow the steps given below to register or join;

1. The first step is to visit their website –

2. Purchase your coupon code by contacting any of the verified vendors on their website.

3. Once you purchase your code, proceed to complete the registration form by filling in the required information.

4. Then click on “Create your Account” to get started immediately.

You can also log in to your Primeshares account by just filling out your email address and password, and then clicking on “Sign in” to access your dashboard.

How to Make Money on

As a member, you can make money on by leveraging the options below;

  • Sharing Trends: When you share the Primeshares trends through your social media, you earn a commission of N500 ($1) daily.
  • Referring Friends: The additional and most profitable way of earning from is through referring friends. For each person you refer, you get a reward. Earning Structure

Here are the earning structure on Primeshares for both Nigerians and Ghanaians: Earning Structure for Nigerians

  • Registration amount: N4,000
  • Welcome Bonus: N2,5000
  • Sharing of Trends: N500
  • Referral Commission: N3,200
  • First Indirect Referral Bonus: N300
  • Second indirect Referral Bonus: N100 Earning Structure for Ghanaians

  • Registration amount: 113 CEDIS
  • Welcome Bonus: 2500 Points
  • Sharing of Trends: 113 CEDIS
  • Referral Commission: 86 CEDIS
  • First Indirect Referral Bonus:8 CEDIS
  • Second indirect Referral Bonus: 3 CEDIS Referral Program & Commission

Referring friends is an additional way of making money from when you refer or invite a friend to join, you stand to get a referral reward of N3,200 for each referral.

You also get a reward down to your indirect and second indirect referral which are N300 ($0.60) and N100 ($0.2) respectively. The more the referrals you gather, the more reward you are likely to get from

Note that the referral on Primeshares is not compulsory as stated by the platform.

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You can place your withdrawal once you meet up the required withdrawal amount as designated by The withdrawal amount and days for referral and non-referral members differ.

For referral earners, you are eligible to place for withdrawal once you reach a minimum of N5,000 ($10) which can be withdrawn Wednesdays and Sundays of every week.

Non-referral earners can withdraw once they accumulate a minimum of 20,000 points ($40) and can be withdrawn on the 2nd of every month.

For Ghanaians, the minimum withdrawal amount for referral earners is 135 CEDIS while for non-referral earners is 20,000 points.

To withdraw, you will just have to provide your local bank account details and the amount you wish to withdraw and submit in expectant for the alert.

When was the platform launched? platform was launched on the 1st of April, 2023.

Is Paying?

Yes, is at the moment paying their members. There are several proofs of payment regarding

Is Legit? is currently verified Legit. Despite being a newly launched platform, Primeshares has paid a lot of its members at the time of uploading this article.

Remember, Primeshare is a Ponzi scheme that is likely to shut down at anytime. The platform is paying shouldn’t be a means of luring you into the program. Though platforms of this nature operate in this manner. Paying at the early stage and later turn to be something else. But at the moment, is worth you trying out.

Also Check: Review: Is Legit or Scam? hasn’t been noticed as a scam platform yet. At the moment the platform is paying its members. Paraventure turns out to be a scam, you’ll be notified as soon as possible.

Final Verdict – review has provided that opportunity of making money from the comfort of your home. Be it a student, working, young or old, you’re eligible to start making money on this platform.

I believe this was helpful to you. You can also share your thoughts regarding if it is a legit or scam income program in the comment section below which might be of help to others reading this article.

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