Review: Is Niceschwab Investment Legit or Scam? is an updated version of the popular Super Charles investment platform that keeps changing its domain name. In this review, everything you need to know before jumping into this platform will be revealed whether it is legitimate or another scam.

This platform seems to follow the same path as Supercharles, Bestshwab, Bestcharles, foreverschwab and now Niceschwab. This is where you have to pick an investment plan, subscribe to it, and start receiving the daily income or profit attached to it for 500 days.

I recently explained everything you need to know about the Super Charles investment’s investment platform is one of my recent articles and to also tell its legitimacy status regarding to the frequent URL updates on the platform every week.

In this article, we’ll consider every detail concerning the investment platform to help you decide whether you should the queue of investors investing on the platform or stay away from it.

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What is is just like the supercharles investment that offers investment opportunities to interested investors, allowing them to earn daily interest on their investments for 500 days.

Ever since the Supercharles investment platform was launched, there has been a frequent change in URLs. The first one was which lasted for about 3 months. It was changed to, changed to, changed to, and and now which I believe will also be changed very soon.

Since the platform started its frequent change of domain name, its activities and trustworthiness remain questionable even though the platform is still paying.

How Does Work?

As an investor on the platform, you are allowed to invest in any of their investment packages ranging from N2,700 to N960,000 where you earn daily profits for 500 days depending on the product you subscribed to.

Before you get started, you will first have to create an account on the platform. After creating the account, you move on to investing in any of the investment packages to start receiving your daily profits. For the N2,700 package, you earn about N810 every single day. The higher the plan, the higher the profit.

Another way you can earn on the investment platform is through the referral program, where you are allowed to earn some bonus from every referral you get on the platform, but you have to be very sceptical. Investment Plans/Packages

Below are the available investment packages on and the potential earnings on the platform. Remember, the higher the plan, the higher the daily profit.

Product: Mutual funds

  • Price: N2,700
  • Daily profit: N810
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Exchange Traded Funds

  • Price: N4,800
  • Daily profit: N1,488
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Money Markey Funds

  • Price: N9,600
  • Daily profit: N3,072
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Stocks

  • Price: N27,000
  • Daily profit: N8,910
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: International Stocks

  • Price: N48,000
  • Daily profit: N16,320
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Bond and Fixed Income Product

  • Price: N78,000
  • Daily profit: N29,640
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Options

  • Price: N96,000
  • Daily profit: N38,400
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Futures

  • Price: N180,000
  • Daily profit: N77,400
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Margin Loans

  • Price: N270,000
  • Daily profit: N124,200
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Annuities

  • Price: N480,000
  • Daily profit: N240,000
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Insurance

  • Price: N780,000
  • Daily profit: N468,000
  • Duration: 500 days

Product: Securities Lending Fully Paid

  • Price: N960,000
  • Daily profit: N672,000
  • Duration: 500 days

How to Register/Join on

To register and become and become a member on the platform, you have to follow the steps below:

1. Visit their website through this link. CLICK HERE NOW

2. Provide the needed information which includes your phone number, password and referral ID

3. Once you provide all that information, you click on “Sign up” to become a member of the platform.

You can also log into your account when you provide your registered phone number and password, then click on “Sign in”.

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How to Earn on

The primary way to earn money on is through the investment packages available on their website. You can earn on this platform when you just select any of the available plans, invest in the plan and start receiving the daily profit attached to it.

There are over 10 different investment packages on this platform that you may choose, The minimum investment package is the “mutual funds” and the price is N2,700 where you earn N810 every day while the highest plan is the “Securities Lending Fully Paid” which the price is N960,000 where you get a daily profit of N672,000 for 500 days. The higher the plan, the higher the profit.

You can also earn on this platform through the referral program where get rewarded with a commission for every person that registers on the platform through your referral link. This seems to be the more profitable way to earn on this platform. All you need to do is to send your link to your friends.

Is Paying?

Yes, is paying, but that doesn’t make it a reliable investment platform. It was also noticed that some person are been paid while some are not allowed to withdraw their earning. The proof of payments you may have seen on the internet shouldn’t lure you to join the platform because you might not be paid when it comes to your turn.

Pros and Cons of

Before jumping into the investment platform to make money, here are some Pros and Cons you need to check out to know whether it is worth investing your money or not.

Pros of

1. Affordable investment Plan: The platform offers affordable investment packages that allow its investors to invest easily.

2. User-friendly Interface: The platform has a very user-friendly interface that supports easy navigation through the website.

Cons of

1. is a Ponzi scheme: Irrespective of how pleasant and trustworthy might want to present itself, the truth is that it is a Ponzi scheme and all Ponzi are potential scams that you should try to avoid.

2. Outrageous Daily Returns: This is usually the trick that most of these Ponzi schemes use to lure people. No reliable platform will promise you get over N100,000 with just N2,700. This is totally outrageous and unreal.

3. Frequent Change of URL: The platform has constantly been updating its URLs over time and this has brought about inconsistency in their operations. We’ve studied what could be the reason for the frequent change but found no valid reason. Rather, new unpleasant rules that indirectly affect investors.

4. Compulsory Referral Policy: now imposes a new policy that everyone needs to refer before they can withdraw even after they have invested and accumulated some profits. This order wasn’t stated on the platform. This feature was recently noticed on the platform where some investors weren’t allowed to withdraw until they referred someone.

Is Legit?

The whole operation of clearly shows that the platform is not a legitimate investment platform due to certain factors which include outrageous daily profits offered and the selective payment of their members.

Though seems to be paying, do not be enticed by the withdrawal proofs you may find online. Investors shouldn’t solely rely on this platform because anything is likely to happen at any time and no one would be held responsible for any loss.

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Is Scam? is a potential scam and a clear Ponzi scheme that investors should avoid at all costs because there are some signals that this platform might crash at any time. I will advise you to stay away from this platform and make sure you invest wisely.

Final Verdict ( Review)

To wrap it up, is not a reliable and trusted investment platform. So, make sure you stay away from the platform. Peradventure you want to join, make sure you invest what you can afford to lose because this platform might just vanish one day and your money will be gone forever.

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