Review | Is Luxury-ng Online Investment Legit or Scam?

Welcome to this honest review, where we’ll be reviewing this investment platform that claims you can invest in their projects to receive daily income for 100 days, but you need to know if the platform is a legit or scam investment platform before jumping into it and even investing your hard-earned money, and that’s the purpose of this article. is one of those trending investment platforms lately. Their investment offers seem thrilling. With the daily investment return rates as claimed by the platform, you get about 1.60% to 50% Return on Investment (ROI) depending on the plan you subscribed to.

There are similar platforms spread across the internet providing you with almost the same offer. Still, the problem is identifying with the genuine and legitimate one that you can invest your money without the fear of losing it.

In this article, we’ll reveal to you if is a legitimate investment platform that you should venture into or another scam parading with empty promises, aiming at extorting money from you.

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What is is an investment that claims to offer a daily Return on Investment (ROI) of 1.60% to 50% to its investors for 10 to 100 days depending on the plan.

The platform has several investment projects on its website, allowing investors to make their choices of investment. With these investment projects, members are assured of getting about N450 to N2,500,000 daily income.

According to the platform, “Established in 1987, the LVMH Group today consists of more than 75 outstanding Maisons, each of which produces high-quality products. It is the only group present in five major sectors of the luxury goods market: Wine & Liquor, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewellery, and Selective Retail. LVMH currently employs more than 196,000 people worldwide and reported sales of 79.2 billion euros in 2022.

Apart from subscribing to the available projects on to receive daily (ROI), you can also earn extra income by leveraging the affiliate program which allows you to earn by referring/inviting your family and friends to join and you will be rewarded with some commissions.

How Does Work? has its operation centered on members investing, earning their daily income, and withdrawing their income. This platform follows the same path of other investment platforms already existing. The only difference is the site name and URL.

Let me further explain how work. Below is the breakdown of how works:

1. Register on the platform

To gain access to the platform, you have to register a free account with them. To register an account on this platform, you will have to visit their official website (, provide your phone number, password, and invitation code (1154058), and then submit to become a member.

Once you successfully submit and access your dashboard, the platform rewards you with a welcome bonus of N500 and you can claim the sig-in reward of N200 (you earn the N200 sign-in reward every day) which makes it N700.

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2. Investing in any Investment Project

To start making money on, you will have to invest in any of the available investment projects on the platform. There are several investment projects with different prices and daily income/return rates. The investment projects are divided into two sections, The “Ordinary” and the “High Yield” projects.

For the Ordinary project, there are about 2 projects available in that section, with a price range of N1,000,000 to N5,000,000 for 100 days, while the High-yield section has about 6 different projects with a price range of N3,000 to N5,000,000 which is valid for 20 to 10 days respectively.

All you just need to do is to select your preferred investment project and deposit a corresponding amount to the account details on the platform, once your payment is processed and approved, the money reflects on your balance and you subscribe to any plan of your choice.

3. Withdraw your Money

The main purpose of joining was to make money. But you can only withdraw once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Once you have a minimum of N2,000 in your balance, you can withdraw your money directly into your bank account.

All you just need to do is provide your bank account details, enter the amount you which to withdraw and submit. The platform claims that within 10 minutes you will receive your payment. Remember you can withdraw your money from Monday to Friday of every week. Investment Projects

There are several investment projects available on for members to subscribe. The projects are split into two sections, ORDINARY and HIGH-YIELD Projects. Below are the available investment projects:


Project: Beginner Project

  • Price:  N3,000
  • Daily income: N450
  • Duration: 20 days

Project: Project 1

  • Price:  N10,000
  • Daily income: N2,000
  • Duration: 18 days

Project: Project 2

  • Price:  N50,000
  • Daily income: N11,000
  • Duration: 16 days

Project: Project 3

  • Price:  N300,000
  • Daily income: N90,000
  • Duration: 14 days

Project: Project 4

  • Price:  N1,000,000
  • Daily income: N350,000
  • Duration: 12 days

Project: Project 5

  • Price:  N5,000,000
  • Daily income: N2,500,000
  • Duration: 10 days


Project: BVLGARI

  • Price:  N1,000,000
  • Daily income: N16,000
  • Duration: 100 days

Project: TIFFANY & CO.

  • Price:  N5,000,000
  • Daily income: N170,000
  • Duration: 100 days

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How to Register/Sign Up on

To register on, follow the steps below:

1. Visit their official webpage (

2. Provide the required information which includes your phone number, password, and invitation code.

3. Then submit your application to become a member of

How to Earn from

There are basically two ways of earning from The first way is by investing in any of their investment projects to earn the daily interest/profit attached to it.

The second method is by leveraging the referral program where you earn some extra commission for every person you refer/invite to join the platform. Before you can be given the referral commission, your referral must subscribe to any of the projects.

How to Withdraw from

You are eligible for withdrawal on once you have a minimum of N2,000 of your balance. You can withdraw from Monday to Friday of every week and the withdrawal can be done at any time.

All you just need to do is log in to your account, click on the “Personal” icon, click on “Withdraw”, provide your bank account details, input the amount you wish to withdraw and click on “Submit”.

Once you submit, the platform claims that it takes about 10 minutes for your withdrawal to arrive in your bank account. Remember, a 10% handling fee will be charged during every withdrawal.

Is Legit?

To be frank, is not a legitimate platform, because it is one of those Ponzi schemes that are currently available on the internet, trying to entice people with empty promises that they won’t keep.

Though might pay for some time, the fact remains that is not a reliable investment platform and you should freely invest your money with them. It will crash at any time and your money will be gone.

Is a Scam? is a potential scam platform regardless of how genuine they may try to present themselves to the general public. It would be best if you were very sceptical while investing your hard-earned money in this platform.

Conclusion ( Review)

In conclusion, I urge everyone to stay away from and shouldn’t invest your money on the platform or else you are ready to risk your money on a platform that is not worth it because the platform can’t be trusted.

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