Jacketvilla.com Review: Is Jacketvilla.com Legit or Scam?)

Welcome to this Jacketvilla.com Review. This platform claims to be an online store that sells diverse winter jackets at a very cheap and discounted rates.

You probably want to purchase some Jackets from the Jacketvilla.com online store but still have some doubt if is Legit or a scam online store to make your purchases? Then search no further, because this review covers everything you need to know about this online store before making any order.

There are lots of legit online stores spread across the net where you can make your purchase but these days, it has really been difficult to differentiate between a legit and scam online store because these scam online stores are designed in such a way that it appears to be genuine which Jacketvilla.com might be one of them.

What is Jacketvilla.com?

Jacketvilla.com is an online store that claims to sell diverse kind of Men’s Winter Jackets at very affordable prices.

Is Jacketvilla.com a trust worthy platform that you can leverage for the purchase of your Winter Jackets? As we go further, you’ll get to know all of these.

Specifications: Jacketvilla.com Reviews

A. Site Name: Jacketvilla.

B. Email address: support@jacketvilla.com.

C. contact Address: 47/49, Cadel Road, Near Mahim Dargah, Mahim Mumbai -400016.

D. Contact Number: +91 9372531191.

E. Product Categories: Shop, Men’s Jackets.

F. Types of Product Name: Delta Commander Jacket, Decatur Leather Jacket, Winter Autumn Jacket Ment’s warm jacket, DIMUSI Autumn Men’s Bomber Jackets Casual, Men Winter Baseball Jacket Camouflage, Casual Winter Warm Snow Jackets Men’s, 30 Degree Winter Men’s Clothing White Duck, Damien Jacket, Cleburne Leather Jacket, Morrilton Leather Jacket, Thoshine Brand Spring Autumn Men Leather, and many other products.

G. Payment Methods:  PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro.

H. Shipping and Delivery Policy: Orders are processed within 7 working days after your time of order and products are not shipped out of India.

I. Return and Refund Policy: Items can be return within 7 days from the day of delivery. Payments are only refund if there is a defect on the item or delivery of improper size as ordered by the customer.

J. Social Media Presence: Jacketvilla.com has no social media presence

K. Domain Age: Jacketvilla.com was created on 20th December 2022.

L. Discount Offers:  Outrageous Discount all on products.

M. Customers Review: No negative or positive reviews yet about Jacketvilla.com because it’s a new website.

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Jacketvilla.com Reviews

Let’s consider some features of this very platform to help us uncover its legitimacy status, to let you know if the platform is reliable online stores or one of those online scam before buying anything from them.

Is Jacketvilla.com Legit?

Jacketvilla.com doesn’t look legit at all. One feature that disqualifies Jacketvilla.com is, there are not transparent. No information about the owner of the website was shared. This is one of the formats used by scam platforms not to be identified. Jacketvilla.com is not Legit.

Is Jacketvilla.com Real or Fake?

Jacketvilla.com is not a legit platform. The products on their website are all copied products from other scam websites. This classifies Jacketvilla.com as a fake online store.

Is Jacketvilla.com a Scam?

We cannot draw to the conclusion that Jacketvilla.com  is a scam website at the moment because the platform is a newly launched website when this article was published. Though no one has complained of been scammed by this platform yet, shop carefully

Is Jacketvilla.com Website Safe to Purchase?

I wouldn’t advise anyone to purchase from Jacketvilla.com as the platform is out for a dirty game of scamming people. Even if they send the products you ordered to you, they will be below your expected quality. Secondly, it is a new website that might be lost to thin air at any time.

Red Flags: Jacketvilla.com Reviews

  • It is a newly launched website with not many activities.
  • Duplicated content is found on their website.
  • No social media presence is expected from any legit website.
  • It gained a very low Trust Score.
  • No information about the Owner is shared.
  • They offer outrageous discount on products.

Final Verdict: Jacketvilla.com Review

Jacketvilla.com is the least platform I will recommend anyone to purchase from because the platform is not safe to shop in any way. They are out there to defraud people of their head earned money. All the features of any scam platform are been found on the Jacketvilla.com website. Stay away from them. You can also share your experience about this platform with us in the comment section below.

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