Teckmine.com Review – Is Teckmine.com Legit or a Scam Platform? [The Honest Truth]

Teckmine.com (TECHMINE) is an investment platform that claims its investors can earn money by renting virtual mining machines to earn daily income. In this Teckmine.com review, we will focus on revealing certain facts you need to know about this platform before entrusting your money to them.

Teckmine.com seems to be so promising, claiming to offer both its already existing and potential investors the access to make money daily by leveraging their investment opportunities which is renting digital products and referring new members to be part of the program.

The platform has similar features to Teck-ng.com which I believe is managed and operated by the same group of people. The only difference between Teckmine.com and Teck-ng.com is their pattern of investment.

In recent times, we’ve encountered platforms of this nature, similar to Techmine also claiming to deliver the same offer but in the end, they ended up scamming their intended investors, vanishing with people’s hard-earned money which I believe Teckmine.com will follow the same path and you shouldn’t be their victim.

The platform is parading with a lot of mind-blowing investment offers as a means of grabbing you closer, but you shouldn’t make the mistake of joining this proposed potential scam platform called “Teckmine.com” without checking out this review to guide you.

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This Teckmine.com review is specifically focused on unveiling the necessary information you need to know about this platform and how it operates, and also revealing if the platform is a legit or scam investment program that you should stay clear of.

I will recommend you patiently go through this article till the end for a clear understanding of the platform.

Teckmine.com Review

Irrespective of the flashy and eye-catching investment opportunity offered by Teckmine.com, as a wise investor seeking to invest your money in a reliable program, you need to check out reviews regarding the platform before joining and even investing your money in it.

In this Teckmine.com review, we will consider queries like – How does Teckmine.com work? Is Teckmine.com Paying? How to invest and make money on Teckmine.com? How to Register/join Teckmine.com? Who is the owner of Teckmine.com? Is Teckmine.com legit or a scam? Is Teckmine.com a reliable and trusted investment scheme? And more.

This review will provide you with detailed information that will help you decide whether Teckmine.com is a legit or a scam platform.

Without much ado, Let’s quickly jump to the Teckmine.com review properly.

About Teckmine.com (Teckmine.com Review)

Teckmine.com is a kind of newly created Ponzi Scheme that claims to offer investment opportunities to Nigerian investors, promising them to receive daily income when they rent virtual machines of different.

These virtual income-generating machines are of different capacities, different purchasing amounts, daily income and validity periods. Your daily income depends on the machine you rent. But be very sceptical while doing that to be on the safer side.

Teckmine.com is similar to the popular hiveblockchainng.com and you all remember how the platform ended. They ended up being a scam and a lot of people lost huge amounts of money to that platform. So, be very careful while investing in Teckmine.com.

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How Does Teckmine.com Work?

Like other recently existing income programs, the activities of Teckmine.com rotate around members renting virtual machines to earn daily income and also referring new members to join the platform. But you can only access this opportunity once you register on the platform. So, all you need to do is visit their website, fill out and submit the registration form.

After successful registration on Teckmine.com, you now gain full access to start making money on the platform by renting any of the available virtual machines. These machines have different computing powers (income-generating capacities). With a minimum of N4,000, you can purchase one of the machines.

The platform has about 5 different mining machines for rent and 4 others for sale. You can make your choice of whether to rent the machines or buy them. The minimum mining machine can be rented for N4,000, which helps you generate a daily income of N320 for 25days, while the maximum machine is sold for N49,800 which gives you a daily income of N500 for a period of 200 days.

You can also choose to purchase the machine with a minimum amount of N256,000 and a maximum of N572,000 which allows you to get a daily income of N2,100 and N4,600 respectively. They are all valid for 365 days. As you invest, invest wisely.

To purchase these machines, all you need to do is deposit a corresponding amount to the machine you wish to rent or purchase, pay to the provided account details and wait for the money to be funded to your balance, then you proceed to rent or purchase your preferred mining device.

You can also earn additional money by referring/inviting your friends to be part of the program to earn the referral commission. You get rewarded with a commission for anyone who registers on the platform through your unique referral link.

Let’s check out the different virtual mining devices available on Teckmine.com for renting and purchasing.

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Teckmine.com Investment Products/Packages

Here are the available mining devices available on Teckmine.com for rent/lease:

Product: Micro Machine-SC

  • Price: N4,000
  • Daily income: N320
  • Valid Period: 25 days
  • Lease limit: 1
  • Toal income: N8,000

Product: Cloud Computing KD Lite

  • Price: N9,600
  • Daily income: N380
  • Valid Period: 45 days
  • Lease limit: 1
  • Toal income: N17,100

Product: Cloud Computing-A1026

  • Price: N17,500
  • Daily income: N300
  • Valid Period: 120 days
  • Lease limit: 1
  • Toal income: N36,000

Product: Bitcoin Minder S19K

  • Price: N22,000
  • Daily income: N800
  • Valid Period: 60 days
  • Lease limit: 1
  • Toal income: N49,000

Product: Cloud Computing-BH

  • Price: N49,800
  • Daily income: N500
  • Valid Period: 200 days
  • Lease limit: 1
  • Toal income: N100,000

Here are the available mining devices available on Teckmine.com for Purchase:

Product: ETH Jasminer X4

  • Price: N256,000
  • Daily income: N2,100
  • Validity period: 365 days
  • Purchase limit: 5

Product: Bitcoin Miner S19j XP

  • Price: N385,000
  • Daily income: N3,150
  • Validity period: 365 days
  • Purchase limit: 5

Product: On-rack Miner

  • Price: N572,000
  • Daily income: N4,600
  • Validity period: 365 days
  • Purchase limit: 5

How To Register on Teckmine.com – Teckmine.com Registration

To register and become a member of Teckmine.com, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the link (https://teckmine.com/pages/login/register?id=37QH87) to access their official website.
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter your password
  4. Retype the password
  5. Provide your invitation code (use 37GH87)
  6. Then click on the “Sign up” button to complete your registration.

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Teckmine.com Login/Sign in

To login to your Teckmine.com account, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the login page
  2. Provide your registered phone number and password.
  3. Then click on the “Log In” button to access your account.

Teckmine.com Referral Program/Commission

The Teckmine.com referral program is the most lucrative and profitable method of making extra money on the platform. This program allows you to earn commissions for referring new members to the platform using your referral link.

Once you refer/invite a new member to register on the platform with your unique referral link, you will be rewarded with a referral commission in three levels. That is level 1 – 10%, level 2 – 4%, and level 3 – 2% respectively. The more you refer, the more the referral commission you earn.

All you just need to do is log in to your dashboard, locate your referral link, copy your referral/invitation link and send it to your family and friends to join the platform as you earn the commission. If you want to join, you can use my LINK HERE to register on the platform.

To get more referrals, you can choose to share your link to your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

How to Earn on Teckmine.com

There are only two ways members of Teckmine.com can make daily passive income from the platform. Here are ways you can earn on Teckmine.com:

  1. Renting or purchasing of Mining Machines: The primary way of earning from Teckmine.com is by renting or purchasing any of the available mining machines on their platform. With a minimum of N4,000, you can get started.
  2. Through the Referral Program: Another profitable way to earn from Teckmine.com is through the referral program, which requires you to just refer/invite new members to join the platform with your referral link and you will be rewarded with a commission for each referral you earn.

Teckmine.com Withdrawal – Minimum Withdrawal Amount

To be eligible for withdrawal on Teckmine.com, you will have to meet the withdrawal threshold which qualifies you for withdrawal. Once you’re qualified, you can withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal amount on Teckmine.com is N1,000. With a minimum of N1,000 in your balance, you can place for withdrawal and expect your payment in due time.

To withdraw on Teckmine.com, login to your dashboard, click on the wallet icon, click on the withdraw button, bind your bank account details, input the amount you want to withdraw and submit.

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Is Teckmine.com Paying?

No proof of payment has been recorded regarding this platform at the time of publishing this article.

When was Teckmine.com Launched?

The Teckmine.com domain was registered on the 30th of July, 2023. This means the platform has been around for some time now and it will likely shut down any time soon.

Pros and cons of Teckmine.com

Let’s check out the Pros and Cons of Teckmine.com before joining the platform:

Pros of Teckmine.com

  • User-friendly/easy-to-navigate website
  • Affordable investment plans.
  • 16% referral commissions.

Cons of Teckmine.com

  • Teckmine.com is a Ponzi Platform that won’t stay for long.
  • Copied contents on the website.
  • The platform lacks transparency.

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Is Teckmine.com Legit? – Teckmine.com Review

Teckmine.com is a risky investment platform that is not worth entrusting your money to. Irrespective of how real they seem to portray themselves, Teckmine.com is a potential scam. Beware of them. Once they achieve the fraudulent aim, they will vanish with your money.

Is Teckmine.com is a Scam? – Teckmine.com Review

Teckmine.com is similar to Hiveblockchainng.com which crashed recently and a lot of people lost their hard-earned money to it. Be very careful while investing in this platform, because it will follow the same path.

Final Verdict – Teckmine.com Review

In conclusion, Teckmine.com is a potential scam platform that is out there to extort money from investors, deceiving them of investment opportunities that they won’t fulfil. It will be safer if you invest what you can afford to lose or stay away from the platform entirely.

Thank you for patiently reading this article until the very end. I believe this Teckmine.com review has revealed certain things regarding Teckmine.com that you need to know and has also helped you make your decision on whether to join or stay away from.

You can also improve this Teckmine.com review by sharing your experience regarding this review with us in the comment section below to help others take precautionary steps.

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