Ragarciao Review: Is Ragarciao Legit or Scam?

Is Ragarciao a safe online store? Are their product genuine and of good quality? If this is most of the questions you’ve been asking, then stay put because this article will guide you before shopping taking Ragarciao as your shopping choice.

Today, I’m going to give my honest review about Ragarciao, and at the end of this review, you’ll be able to take your decision on whether to shop via this online store and if it is a legit or scam online store. Without further ado, let’s get to the business of the day.

What is Ragarciao?

Ragarciao is an online shopping store that sells different kinds of Bridal flowers, wedding décor, artificial wedding flowers, wedding boutonnieres, etc. They offer all of these products at very cheap and affordable prices.

You probably might want to start shopping on Ragarciao, hey dude, you need to wait and have a second thought. How sure are you, shopping with Ragarciao is safe? Alright then, let’s get to see more details about Ragarciao as we proceed.

Why you Should Not Shop with Ragarciao Online Store

Here are some vital reasons why you shouldn’t shop with Ragarciao as there are numerous red flags recorded about Ragarciao.

Contact Address:

Ragarciao claims their business address is located at 12666 Pensador Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80921. Google Map Pinpointed this address on a residential house. I guess Ragarciao is out to fraud people because no genuine shopping store will provide a fake address to its buyers. This act alone should tell you that Ragarciao is a scam and fraudulent shopping site.

Copied Contents:

Most contents including the images and writeups displayed on their website are copied content from other online stores. This stands as one of the red flags recorded about Ragarciao.

Customer Support System:

Most scam online stores do not have a customer support system to breach interaction between them and their buyers which is one of the features found on the Ragarciao website.

No social media Handle

A genuine online store was supposed to have a social media handle where their customers can interact with them either through their social pages but Ragarciao has failed to do so.

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Ragarciao Customer Reviews

While making my research about Ragarciao, I discovered so many negative reviews regarding Ragarciao from different review platforms, which I think shopping with Ragarciao will be a very high level of risk. 

Going through the review platforms, I saw a buyer complaining about how he was scammed by Ragarciao describing Ragarciao as “Definitely a scam”. according to the customer, he purchased something and was charged from his credit card immediately but never received a confirmation for his order. A few days later, he reached out to them and they said they said the item has been shipped and delivered to San Diego. He sent them a message and they responded that his order was under investigation and promised to ship it again and that was how he lost his money and the product he ordered for.

Moving further, I visited Scamadviser to check the Trust score of Ragarciao and it was rated just 1/100 which signifies that Ragarciao is a 100% scam and Fraudulent.

Is Ragarciao Scam?

Yes, Ragarciao is a 100% Fraudulent and scam online store. The reviews by their customers is enough to tell you that Ragarciao is a big scam. They have scammed a lot of people with their hard-earned money. I will advise you not to shop at Ragarciao.


Thank you for stopping by to read this Ragarciao review. I believe this article was able to reveal to you if Ragarciao is a legit or a scam online store. You can as well share your experience with Ragarciao with us in the comment section below.

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