How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog

Many think that without a blog you cannot start Affiliate Marketing or even if you start you won’t make more sales as expected, well, that is a huge lie. You can start up your affiliate marketing and make big sales without a blog.

In a nutshell, Affiliate marketing is a way of recommending or promoting affiliate products to people and when they purchase, you get commissions. But the process of achieving this can sometimes be stressful which is the reason why many see it as a very difficult task to perform.

As we all know that everything under the sun has its techniques and means of operation and when you follow the right path, you see yourself making success. The same process is also applied to Affiliate marketing. You will barely make sales if you don’t follow the right techniques and procedures.

If you initially had the mindset that without a blog you cannot become an affiliate marketer, then it’s time to divert your mindset from that, because there are many other ways you can become an affiliate marketer without a blog which will be including YouTube videos, social media etc.

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Ways to Start affiliate Marketing without a Blog

To start making affiliate marketing without a blog, here are the different methods you basically need to rely on:

1. YouTube Videos

Video platform like YouTube is where you can utilize as an affiliate marketer. YouTube is a free video platform where you can upload your videos for people to watch online. With YouTube, as an affiliate marketer, you make videos concerning the product you are promoting. Your video should focus only on a topic related to your business.

There are various ways of promoting your affiliate link or affiliate program in your videos. You can choose the add your affiliate link in the description of the video, or add the link in the video’s footer. This will go a long way in promoting your affiliate link to the reach of many.

2. Through Product Review Websites

There are lots of product review websites spread across the internet. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote your affiliate link or affiliate product via a product review website. This review website allows users to give their opinions about a product or services rendered by a particular which you as an affiliate marketer can leverage this opportunity to promote your affiliate link.

By making your review on this website, you can throw more light on how the products work and how to use them, convincing them why they should use the product, and at the end of it, you include your affiliate link and tell them how to join. This alone is capable of skyrocketing your affiliate products.

3. Social Media Promotion

According to research, over 4.70 billion people use social media worldwide. A lot of people visit social media just for fun, but many visits there strictly for business. You can use social media as your promotion avenue, where you promote your affiliate links and products.

Utilizing social media doesn’t mean you will abuse or spam it with your links. You can create quality and attractive posts that will interest people to visit your affiliate link. This method can drive more sales to your affiliate products.

Your social media profile is another place where you can add the affiliate link that can easily drive lots of sales to you but it’s been underrated by many. When you put your link in your bio and describe yourself as an affiliate marketer, talk about your affiliate program and why they should embrace it.

4. Through Affiliate Groups, Communities, or Forums

Joining active Affiliate groups and forums like Affiliate Fix and Affilorama are avenues for affiliate marketers. It is a place where affiliate marketers get introduced to new opportunities. Most affiliate markets doing well in the industry usually visit websites frequently to get new products they can promote.

You may consider this as the best practice because this method will help you build a presence and promote your affiliate program. Also, it may make more persons interested in your product and more likely to participate in your program. But make sure you keep to the rules and guidelines of the forum or group.

5. Creating an eBook

Creating an eBook will serve as another option for making big sales as an affiliate marketer. This method can be more stressful and complicated at times and even takes a long time to see the result. In the long run, you will see it is worth the effort imposed on it.

Before creating an eBook, there are several important requirements expected of you. The goal of writing an eBook shouldn’t be prioritized on the purpose of inserting your referral links. The goal should be, is this information helpful and useful to my readers? and how has it affected their lives positively?

Can I start Affiliate Marketing without a Follower?

The answer is YES, you can start affiliate marketing without massive followers as you think and start making cool money, all you just need is just to target the right audience, introduce your products, and start making sales. Many affiliates marketer make money through the use of social media.

Can I Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing with no money. Though some affiliate networks will ask you to pay before joining. There are tons of free affiliate networks out there that you can join with money.

The only thing required is just your system or smart, internet connection, and consistency to grow your affiliate business and you are good to go.


In conclusion, affiliate marketing isn’t for an inconsistent set of people, affiliate requires a lot of time and consistency. Make sure you always provide your audience with new and helpful content and attend to their questions if any, to build a closer relationship between you and your audience.

Affiliate marketing like I told you earlier requires a lot of work but the outcome worth the effort invested in it. Remember, you can start affiliate marketing even without having a blog or a website.

You can also share your thought about starting affiliate marketing without a blog or website in the comment section below.

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