Happyminer.us Review: A Legit or Scam Cloud Mining Site?

Happyminer is a crypto mining platform that allows investors to subscribe to any mining package and get daily profits depending on the package. This Happyminer.us Review will give you insight on how this platform works if it legit or a scam.

The platform offers different mining packages which will allow an investor to select the package that suits them. And also get a $10 welcome bonus.

Happyminer.us claims to be committed to securing the bitcoin blockchain as one of the leading Bitcoin mining companies. Do they really deserve the hyping? We’ll see that in this review.

The rapid increment of crypto mining platforms has helped online investors generate more profits at ease unlike how it used to be. This has attracted many people who craved crypto mining. In this process, scammers hijacked the process and many have fall victim.

Do you want to know if Happyminer is a legit and trustworthy cloud mining platform? Then you have to check out this honest Happyminer review that will reveal everything you need to know about this platform.

Happyminer.us Review

Welcome to this Happyminer.us review. If you are interested in knowing if this crypto mining website is legit or a scam mining platform, then you have to check out this well-compiled review.

In this article, we’ll be looking at frequently asked questions regarding Happyminer from how Happyminer works, whether should you join Happyminer, the packages on the platform and how you can start making cool money from Happyminer.

If you are interested in knowing the above, then you have to read this review to the end. This article will guide you on whether you should join Happyminer to start and get daily profits or if you should go for other alternatives that will profit you.

About Happyminer.us

Happyminer is an advanced investment platform that offers mining services to its members around the world. The platform has earned more than 2800 users and still counting members since its establishment in 2018. The whole activities of the platform just circle around mining cryptocurrencies and that’s all.

The platform promises that with just $10 you can get started. With $10 you can purchase the primary package where you can earn a daily profit of $0.80. undoubtfully, this seems so profitable right? Let’s check out how the platform works.

How Does Happyminer.us Work?

On Happyminer.us, you have to create an account which won’t take up to a minute to complete. When you complete your registration, you receive an instant bonus of $10. This bonus is accredited to all new members of the platform.

The signup bonus given to you by Happyminer can be used to purchase the Live Package which has a contract price of $10 with an interest rate of 8%. There are order packages available on the platform for members to invest in with different subscription amounts, daily return rates, and contract terms.

So, all you just need to do is, create an account with them, choose a package of your choice from any of the available packages on the platform and start earning daily profits. When you subscribe to any of these packages, the daily profit automatically starts accumulating in your account for every mining contract.

The daily return rate is in accordance with the mining package you subscribed to. That you earn a high daily profit from a higher mining package. Vice versa.

How To make Money on Happyminer.us

There are basically two ways of earning from Happyminer.us. it depends on the ways you seem to work better for you. Here are the ways you as a member of Happyminer can make money even from the comfort of your bedroom.

1. Investing in Mining Packages: The primary way of making money on Happyminer as assigned by the platform is by subscribing to any of their mining packages. There are different mining packages available on the platform with different amounts ranging from $10 to $6,400. These packages have their respective daily interest rate. The higher the amount, the higher the interest rate.

I will advise you to make sure you invest in a package that you can afford to lose in case of any unfortunate occurrence in the run long.

2. Referring Friends: Referring your friends to join Happyminer seems to be the easiest and more profitable way of making cool money from Happyminer. When you join the platform with your referral link, you stand a chance to earn a referral commission per person you referred to the platform.

Happyminer.us Mining Packages

Happyminer.us has several mining packages for its members to subscribe to their preferred packages. Here are the mining packages available on Happyminer:

Primary Mining

  • Price: $10
  • Fixed Return: $10 + $0.8
  • Daily Return Rate: 8%
  • Duration: 1 Day

Bitcoin Mining

  • Price: $100
  • Fixed Return: $100 + $4.5
  • Daily Return Rate: 1.5%
  • Duration: 3 Days

Bitcoin Mining (April Fool’s Day)

  • Price: $300
  • Fixed Return: $300 + $19.5
  • Daily Return Rate: 2.17%
  • Duration: 3 Days

Litecoin Mining

  • Price: $500
  • Fixed Return: $500 + $63
  • Daily Return Rate: 1.8%
  • Duration: 7 Days

BitcoinCash Mining

  • Price: $1,200
  • Fixed Return: $1,200 + $345
  • Daily Return Rate: 1.92%
  • Duration: 15 Days

Dogecoin Mining

  • Price: $3,000
  • Fixed Return: $3,000 + $1,890
  • Daily Return Rate: 2.1%
  • Duration: 30 Days

Dashcoin Mining

  • Price: $6,400
  • Fixed Return: $6,400 + $8,880
  • Daily Return Rate: 2.31%
  • Duration: 60 Days

Note: Make sure you invest what you can afford to lose.

Happyminer.us Referral Program and Reward

Another way users of Happyminer.us can make more money is by leveraging the referral program of this platform. This process requires you to send your affiliate/referral link to your friends to join the platform and when they do, you get rewarded for each person.

You’re been rewarded with 4.5% from each order your referrals when they buy any mining package from the platform. This process seems so easy and more profitable.

So even if you don’t want to invest, you can refer choose to make more money through the Happyminer.us referral program.

Happyminer.us Registration Process

The registration process for Happyminer.us is very quick and easy. To register/signup on Happyminer.us, follow the instructions below;

  1. Visit their official website – www.Happyminer.us
  2. Navigate to the signup page by clicking on the “Sign up” button
  3. Provide the needed information which includes your email address, password, referral code (use twD0INRMO5), and Verification code.
  4. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms
  5. Then click on “Submit” to complete your registration.
  6. Instantly, you receive the $10 welcome bonus which will be credited to your account.

How to Login to your Happyminer Account

To Login to your Happyminer.us account, follow the steps below;

  1. Click on the ‘sign in’ button
  2. Provide your email address and password
  3. Input the verification code
  4. Click on ‘submit’ to log in to your Happyminer.us account.

Happyminer.us Withdrawal Threshold

Immediately after you meet the withdrawal threshold which is $100, you can request for withdrawal and get paid via the payment method you chose.

To withdraw your funds from Happyminer.us, follow the process below:

  • Once you log in to your account, click on Withdraws
  • Select your preferred payment type (USDT-TRC20, BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT-ERC20, USDC, BCH.
  • Input your wallet address
  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw. Remember, $100 is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Once you complete all these steps, you wait for the arrival of your withdrawal.

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Is Happyminer.us Legit?

Happyminer.us seems to be a very profitable and reliable mining/investment platform at the moment because it has gained several 5-star ratings from its users. It appears that Happyminer.us users are satisfied with the services offered by Happyminer.us.

In reality, Happyminer.us is not a Legit mining platform. Though they appears to be legit and reliable, offering different kind of mining offers, all those are all empty offers. Happyminer.us is a bunch of scam that you should stay away from despite their mind blowing promises.

As an investor, you should know that platforms of this nature involve risk. Amid this, you must be very skeptical while taking the risk to be on the safer side.

Is Happyminer.us a scam?

Happyminer.us is currently scam platform and has stopped paying its members, Though the platform was paying its member but along the line thing began to move to the wrong direction and it finally crashed and stopped. The last time i checked, the website wasn’t working anymore. This leads to the conclusion that Happyminer.us is a Scam platform.

Final Verdict – Happyminer.us Review

If you’re currently searching for a legit and reliable cloud mining platform, then you should check out other mining platforms and not Happyminer.us because, they are not reliable. It is a scam platform.

I believe this Happyminer.us review was helpful to you. You can as well share your thoughts in the comment section below regarding the legitimacy of Happyminer.us and whether it is worth others joining or not.

8 thoughts on “Happyminer.us Review: A Legit or Scam Cloud Mining Site?”

  1. It’s a scamming site. They wait till there is enough money in your account. Than they lock it and tell you that you owe 30 percent taxes on your deposit amount.

  2. They are 100% scam site, they don’t even allow anyone to withdraw at all! I only deposited $105 and then mine for 10 days and wanted to withdraw to see if withdrawal is possible, they locked my account and said my account is illegal account and I should deposit $1500 before withdraw all funds!
    They are Chinese own scam site claiming to be based in the USA!

  3. The site is a SCAM. They allow you to make one or two withdrawals and when you invest more money they block your account and you cannot get in contact with a single “support” person. Do not give them your money like I stupidly did


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