Review: Is Legit or Scam? is an earning platform that runs machine renting services for members to earn daily income from them. In this review, i will explain everything you need to know as an investor before investing on this platform.

Making money online has been made easy through the invention of different kinds of money-making opportunities online. But investors are being very skeptical nowadays before investing their funds because of the high rate of scammers online.

I notice that despite this platform ( being new, many online investors are eager to know if this website is a legit or a scam-earning website to enable them to kick start or deviate to other income programs. Review

This review is focused on delivering detailed information about this earning platform and guiding you on your investment path regarding Gpec and how the platform works.

If you’re still having doubts regarding this platform and several unanswered questions regarding and how the platform works if investors can join the platform or search for other alternatives.

Make sure you read this review to the end because our final verdict will determine your final decision.

About is a platform that allows you to rent any of their mining machines and receive daily income depending on the machine you rent.

The platform offers mining machines services to their users that allow them to get bonuses for up to 365 days. users can also earn money by referring or inviting their friends to join the platform.

This means the whole activities of income platform just lies around members renting mining machines to get daily commissions as per the machine they rented.

How Does Work? is a kind of earning platform that allows its members to earn daily profit through mining machines when they invest in any of them. With a minimum of N3,000 you can join to start making money.

To kick start, you have to register on the platform first. After registration, you will be given a welcome bonus of N1,000. This bonus can be used to rent the VIP 0 mining machines that will generate an N100 daily profit for you. But to start earning more you will have to purchase higher mining machines.

There are other mining machines that are available on the platform which range from VIP 1 to VIP 5 with an investing amount of N3,000 to N300,000 respectively. These mining machines have different incomes to be earned when you purchase them.

When you purchase any of these mining machines, it runs for 24 hours and generates profit accordingly. So, with just your token of N3,000, smartphone and internet access, you can start earning from

How to Register on

To register on, follow the steps given below:

1. Visit their website –

2. Navigate the registration page and complete your registration by providing the required which include your phone number, password and invitation code (use 14625)

3. Then click on “Create Account” to complete your registration.

How to Make Money on

There are basically two ways to make money on which includes purchasing any of their mining machines and referring friends to join the platform.

Here is a summary of how to make money on

  • Renting Mining Machines: The primary way of earning on is by renting their mining machine to earn about N400 to N45,000 depending on the mining machine. This means that you earn according to the purchase you purchase.
  • Referring Friends: This is another way of making money on When you invite your friends to join the platform, you get a commission per person referred. Referral Program and Commission

This seems to be the most profitable earning pattern on The referral program involves you inviting your friends to join the platform with your unique referral link.

When anyone registers on the platform through your referral link, you get a reward of N100 for each person that joins the platform through your link and when your referral upgrade to a high plan, your reward also increases.

Sharing your link to your social media pages can gain you more referrals. The higher the referrals, the higher the commissions. Minimum Withdrawal Amount

All members of are eligible for withdrawal once they meet up the minimum withdrawal amount as assigned by the platform.

With a minimum of N1,000 in your account, you can place for withdrawal. The withdrawal days are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Note that you’ll be charged a 16% withdrawal fee during withdrawal.

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Is Legit? has no proof to verify its legitimacy at the moment because the platform is still very new. This platform has similar features to the scam platforms that crashed in recent times. So, make sure you invest wisely or better go for other alternatives.

Is a Scam? might be a scam platform because it has features of similar scam platforms. It will likely not pay even if it pays; it won’t last for long. Just make sure you invest carefully.

Final Verdict – Review is an earning platform that claims their members can rent mining machines which generate income for them on daily basis. Despite their promises, you have to be very sceptical while choosing them as your option.

I believe this review was helpful to you. You can also share your thoughts about in the comment section below. Your experience might be helpful to other online hustlers.

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  1. To say the fact about GPEC,it is a scam of this century.It has scammed many innocent Nigerians as of today.The company raised her investment by 100% and income by150%,within three days,and many investors rushed to invest in the new policy,the company vanished into thin air without refunding thousands of investors.GPEC is a scam.Iam a victim.


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