Review: Legit or Scam? is a platform that claims to help taxpayer get back their funds from scammers, but surprisingly, they are the ones scamming people in a modified way.

There have been many complaints by taxpayers about, complaining of receiving a lot of spam notifications from unidentified persons. This platform utilizes a new scamming method to extort money from people by claiming to refund taxpayers’ funds.

In this article, you will get to know if is a trustworthy and genuine website or another scam platform on the internet in disguise. Now, let’s see more about the platform.

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This review is a comprehensive one, that covers literally everything you need to, a platform that claims to assist investors get their money back from scammers at ease.

In this review, you will also come to realize if the services of are genuine or if the platform is a scam, trying to defraud people of their hard-earned money. Just make sure you read this review to the end to get detailed information about

About claims to be a platform that helps users claim their refunds from other scam sites which they don’t do as promised rather, they use it as a medium to steal taxpayers’ private information and money.

This is a new kind of scamming method that is showcased on the internet. Landing on their homepage, I saw them claiming to have helped recover over $2B in tax credits for both small and medium-sized businesses. These culprits target their prey around the United States and mostly the taxpayers.

They will contact you with an unidentified ID claiming they can help you get your tax refunds back from an online scam website. They also claim to assist customers with the tax process to make sure they get their tax refunds when due.

Is a Legit and Trustworthy?

To be honest, is a scam. Many Americans have fall victims to this online scam known as One of the victims explained that he was asked to transfer the difference to make it look like a mistake. After they transferred the money back to the victim to deceive him that free money has been refunded to him but when he refreshed his browser, he discovered that the amount sent that came to him was a scam in the scam.

This is to reveal to you that is a online professional scam platform in the sense that it uses a smart way to scam people. Do not be deceived, stay away from them. The platform also made a lot of inflated false claims which stands as a red flag for them.

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Is a Scam? is in no way Genuine and trustworthy. Going through reviews by its customers, it is obviously seen that is a scam website. They even employed another method of sending taxpayers messages that they’ve been scammed and will be refunded. Do not fall for this scam. it is a method of luring you into it.

A victim says she was scammed by this platform twice last year but had no way to get hold of them. It is very clear to you that you shouldn’t engage yourself with

Here is an article on Forbes on how to avoid all these kind of scam. see HERE

Is a Trustworthy website? is not a trustworthy website. I will advise everyone to stay far away from It is fraudulent website with the mission of defrauding Taxpayers in the name of helping them refund their money.

Final Verdict – Review

Conclusively, do not fall for this online scam known as, which claims to help you get a refund of your funds from online scammers and later turned to be the one scamming you. is a fraudulent website.

I believe by now; I’ve been able to reveal some information about this online scam platform known as the scam website. Stay away from, it is a scam.

You can as well share your opinions about in the comment section below. This is will guide others not to fall prey to this scam.

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