Future-order.com.ng Review: Legit or Scam?

Future-order.com.ng is an earning platform that allows you to earn daily commissions by grabbing orders. You earn this commission for 30 days. This article got you covered on everything you need to know about this platform before jumping into it.

Initially, making money was the best option till scammers hijacked the process which result in people losing interest and turning away from making money online as a result of their encounters with online scammers which landed them badly. Unknowingly to them that they are missing a lot of earning opportunities. Reading reviews and making research about any platform before joining will help you get rid of scammers.

In today’s article, I will be reviewing a newly launched social media earning platform known as “Future-order.com.ng” that claims that its registered members can make money by doing simple daily tasks. But the question is, is Future-order.com.ng a legit or a scam platform? the answer is either YES or No for now.

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Future-order.com.ng Review

Despite how promising Future-order.com.ng seems to be, it is advisable to always read reviews and make research about them before joining. This review will guide you on the basic things you are to know about this platform before investing your hard-earned money.

To get a clearer and deep understanding of this platform, just make sure you patiently read this article to the end and you will see if the Future-order.com.ng investment platform is legit or a scam.

Without wasting much time, let’s jump into the review properly, to unveil facts regarding Future-order.com.ng earning platform.

About Future-order.com.ng

Future-order.com.ng is an earning platform that allows their registered members to earn daily commissions for completing simple tasks for 30 days.

According to the platform “FUTURE ORDER Ltd is a leading company in the field of chip management and production employing over thousands of people from around the world in 2015, and since then has been headquartered in Pretoria close to the Company’s headquarters in Blomberg. The company now has more than 400 employees”.

The platform has several plans ranging from the Jumia order 1 to MTFE Market with the subscription amount of N6,000 to N240,000 respectively. But the difference is the commission you will earn and the daily tasks you can perform to earn these commissions.

The amount you can earn from Future-order.com.ng solely depends on the plan you subscribed to. That is, the higher the plan you subscribe to, the higher the daily tasks you are eligible to carry out and the commissions to be earned.

How Does Future-order.com.ng Work?

Members of Future-order.com.ng are allowed to earn by subscribing to any of the Spyrex plans ranging from Spyrex 1 to Spyrex 7 which subscription amounts of N6,000 to N240,000 respectively. Remember, only registered members are eligible for this earning opportunity. So, you just have to complete the simple registration form to become a member of the platform.

After your successful registration on the platform, you now gain full access to start earning from the platform leveraging on the different earning options on the platform. To start earning officially on the platform, you have to deposit and subscribe to any of the plans to start carrying out the daily tasks to earn commissions

The minimum subscription plan on Future-order.com.ng is N6,000 where you can carry out 5 tasks daily to earn your commissions for 30 days, while the maximum plan subscription amount is N240,000 where you can complete 5 tasks daily and earn daily income of N46,000 for the period of 8 days.

You can see clearly that the higher the plan you subscribe to, the higher the daily tasks you are eligible to complete and the commission you will earn, but I will advise you to subscribe to the plan you can afford.

Another way of making additional money on this platform is through the referral program which allows you to earn a commission for referring/inviting new members to join the platform through your unique referral link. I believe this is one of the lucrative ways of earning from this platform.

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Future-order.com.ng Subscription Plans

The following subscription plans are available on the platform for members to subscribe to and start earning commission daily.

Order jumia

  • Investment amount: ₦6,000
  • Number Of Tasks:5
  • Daily Income:2,200
  • Total Income: 66,000
  • Validity: 30 days


  • Investment amount: ₦15,000
  • Number Of Tasks: 1
  • Daily Income: 4,500
  • Total Income: 135,000
  • Validity: 30 days

Pi network market

  • Investment amount: ₦25,000
  • Number Of Tasks: 1
  • Daily Income: 8,000
  • Total Income: 240,000
  • Validity: 30 days


  • Investment amount: ₦60,000
  • Number Of Tasks: 1
  • Daily Income: 14,000
  • Total Income: 420,000
  • Validity: 30 days

Trust wallet

  • Investment amount: ₦120,000
  • Number Of Tasks: 1
  • Daily Income: 28,000
  • Total Income: 840,000
  • Validity: 30 days


  • Investment amount: ₦240,000
  • Number Of Tasks: 5
  • Daily Income: 46,000
  • Total Income: 1,380,000
  • Validity: 30 days

Future-order.com.ng Registration/Signup

To register on Future-order.com.ng, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Click on the LINK to access their official website
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Provide your preferred password
  4. Repeat the password
  5. Enter the invitation code (use 0800759)
  6. Then click on the Register button to complete your registration

Future-order.com.ng Login/Sign in

To log in to your Future-order.com.ng account, follow the steps given below

  1. Visit the Login Page
  2. Provide your registered phone number
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on the ‘LOG IN’ button to access your account

Future-order.com.ng Referral Program/Commission

The Future-order.com.ng referral program is another lucrative way of making extra money on the platform at ease. The referral programs allow you to earn referral commissions for inviting/referring new members to join the platform with your unique referral link.

When a new member joins/registers on the platform with your referral link, you get rewarded with a referral commission. The referral commission comes in three levels. You have no limit for the referral you can accumulate, you can refer as many people as you prefer.

To get more referrals, you can share your referral link to your social media handle like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Sending your link to your social media handles can attract more referrals.

Future-order.com.ng Withdrawal

Only members who meet the minimum withdrawal amount are eligible to place for withdrawal on the platform. so, to be able to withdraw, you must meet up the required withdrawal threshold as assigned by the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount on Future-order.com.ng is N1,000. That is, you must have a minimum of N1,000 before you can place for withdrawal. So, all you just need to do is to provide your local bank account details and the amount you wish to withdraw, and then request the withdrawal.

Future-order.com.ng has no limit for withdrawal and no specific time to withdraw your money from the platform. once you reach the withdrawal threshold, you can place for withdrawal and expect your alert in due time.

When was Future-order.com.ng Created/Launched?

The Future-order.com.ng platform was created on the 5th of June, 2023, which means the platform is just a few days old from the time of publishing this article.

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Who is the Owner of Future-order.com.ng?

Future-order.com.ng has decided to keep the identity of its owner anonymous to the general public because no information about the owner/CEO of this platform was shared. This is a red flag to this platform.

This method is usually leveraged by most scam platform in order not to get caught while performing their fraudulent activities.

Is Future-order.com.ng Legit?

Future-order.com.ng is now verified as a scam platform that has crashed and people have lost their hard-earned money to the platform. Even if it was paying. I warned before now that this platform will not last for long and it happened.

Is Future-order.com.ng a scam?

Future-order.com.ng is a scam platform and has stopped paying its members. Subsequently, try to read reviews about any platform before joining and even investing your hard earned money in it as it might be a scam. So sorry for those that lost their money.

Final Verdict – Future-order.com.ng Review

In conclusion, Future-order.com.ng is just a get-quick-rich earning platform that offers earning opportunities to the general public, but the fact is, Future-order.com.ng is a Ponzi Scheme that won’t last long. Just be very careful while investing your money in this platform.

I believe this Future-order.com.ng review was helpful and you’ve gotten the answer to the question – is Future-order.com.ng legit or a scam investment platform? and have also known how the platform operates. Do well to share your opinions and experience in the comment section below. Your comments and opinions might be of help to other online investors and hustlers like you.

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