Review – Is Swissfunds Legit or Scam? is an income program launched on the 1st of March that claims users can make money daily with just a one-time registration fee of N700. In this honest guide, I will reveal certain things you need to about this platform before investing your money

If you are an already a registered member or a potential member of and want to know if it is a legit or scam income program, before investing your hard-earned money, then this review got you covered. Review

The purpose of this review is to feed you with detailed information on almost everything you need to know about this income program known as the “” platform before joining them The platform claims to provide easy circulation of funds through their income program. With just N700 you can get started.

I believe after reading this review to the end, you’ll be convinced about whether to join or divert your way to another income program.

What is is an income program that allows its members to earn daily by viewing ads and completing daily tasks to earn passive income.

According to their website, SWISSFUNDS claims to be an online ads marketing network that make their money from displaying of ads on their platform.

The above statement signifies who the income program claims to be. Having seen that, let’s check out how the platform works and other necessary things you need to know about this platform.

How Does Work? is a platform that gives its users the opportunity of making money by sharing sponsored posts and completing other tasks to earn passive income on daily basis.

To get started on, you’ll have to visit their website and contact a coupon code to purchase your coupon code which is your registration activation code. The coupon is N700, once your purchase the code, then you move on to the website to complete your registration to become a member of

After completing your registration, you are rewarded with a welcome bonus of N300. After this, you are now allowed to start earning from the platform through the different earning options available on their website.

In addition, allows you to promote your business by placing adverts on their website to get to reach your potential clients. This will definitely be a top-up to creating awareness to any services you render.

Apart from completing the task, you can earn from this platform through the affiliate program which involved inviting friends to join the platform using your unique referral link. You earn a commission for each referral.

How to Earn from offers easy ways of making money which is by completing daily tasks and other provided activities on their platform.

As a member of, you earn via Swisscoin. Swisscoin is the currency used by this platform. 1,000 is equivalent to N100. This platform also provides the option where its members can buy data with their earnings on the website.

Below is the summary of how to earn on

  • Welcome bonus – N100
  • Sharing Adverts – N250
  • Daily login – N150
  • Daily Tasks – N30 Referral Program

Apart from completing the tasks to earn daily income, you can also earn on through the referral program. This program allows you to earn from each person you refer to join the platform through your referral link.

When you refer your friend to join using your unique referral link, you earn a commission of N500 for each referral you earn. All you just need to do is to share your referral link to your social media pages, encouraging people to join.

How to Register on

To Register on, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit their website (, then click “Buy coupon code” to contact one of their code vendors.
  2. Contact their vendors on WhatsApp for the purchase of a Coupon code. The coupon code only cost N700.
  3. Return to the signup page and complete your registration by inputting the required details including the Coupon Code.
  4. Click on SIGN UP to complete your registration and get started.

How to Login/Sign in to

To login to your account, the following are required:

  1. Provide your username and password
  2. Click on “Login” to access your account Withdrawal

You can withdraw your earnings from once you reach the required withdrawal threshold of the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount on differs for both Affiliate and activity earners.

  • For Activity earners: The minimum withdrawal amount is 35,000 SwissCoins which is equivalent to N3,5000 and can be withdraw on the 28th of every month.
  • Affiliate Earners: The minimum withdrawal amount is N1,000 and can be withdrawal every Thursday of the week.

Who is the Owner/Founder of has provided no information regarding which is a red flag for a platform of this nature.

When was created? is an income program that was launched on the 21st of February, 2023, making it just 12 days old from the day of publishing this article.

Is Legit? is a newly launched income platform with not many activities. So, classifying as a legit platform cannot be determined at the moment.

The platform is still very new with not many activities We will just have to put our fingers crossed.

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Is a scam?

Labelling as a scam platform at the moment will be inappropriate as no scam cases have been reported about this platform. Definitely, with time, we will know if is actually a legit or a scam income program. We just have to keep our fingers crossed.

Final Verdicts is a new income program open to everyone to start making passive income on daily basis. But it is very important to know if the platform is worth you joining or not. I believe this review was able to reveal that to you.

If you have any questions about this platform, do well to share in the comment section below. You can as well share your review regarding to guide others too.

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