Review: Is Shareenergys Legit or a Scam? is another earning platform that claims to allow their registered members earn daily profit by purchasing any of the digital products available on their website.

You might have heard about, and don’t really know if it is a legit or a scam platform. Then you have to read this review because, I’ll be revealing be revealing in details, all you need to know about this platform.

This kind of investment platforms are been launched every day with the aim of luring people to get them scammed by making tons of promises that wouldn’t be fulfilled.

If you’re searching for legit ways for way money online, then it better to venture into digital skills like blogging, YouTubing, Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, copy writing and other digital skills.

Haven said that, let’s proceed as I review this earning platform and reveal Everything you need to know about in this review. Review is another earning platform that claims to allow their registered members earn daily profit by purchasing any of the digital products available on their website. This Review will let you know if is really a legit platform or one of those scam investment websites.

What is is one of those Ponzi earning platforms that claims you can invest and get daily income of your investment.

Similar platforms like have existed and after some time, they vanished to the thin air leaving their users stranded which might be one of those scam platforms.

The question here is, how trusted and reliable is this platform? This is a question that definitely needs an answer.

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How Does Work?

This platform is just an investment platform claiming to allow their members to get daily profit. But before you’ll be allowed to get getting this daily income, you will have to invest in any of their investment plan.

There are diverse investment plans available on the platform. These plans are ranked according to their investment amount and the amount you are to earn on daily basis depending on the plan you invest in.

This investment plans comes in form of Digital Products. When you invest in any of the product, they claim to lease the product out, and this leased product starts generating daily profit for you. And you earn per hour

So, to get started, all you just need to do is choose your preferred plan, make deposit, and subscribe to the investment plan you wish to. The least/minimum investment plan on is N3,000.

The referral program is another way you can earn massively on for each person your invite or refer to join the platform, you get an instant referral reward. All you just need to do is to send your friends your unique referral link.

How to Register/ join

Becoming a registered member of Is very easy. Follow the steps I will be giving below:

  1. Go to www.
  2. Input the required details
  3. Then click on Register to get started.

You can as well login to your dashboard by providing your phone number and password, then click on Log in to access your account.

How to Invest in

To Invest in this platform, you will have to select the investment plan/digital products you want to purchase, make payment using any of the available payment methods, and your dashboard will be funded with the amount you recharge.

But I will advise you to invest only in the lowest digital products to be on the safer side. Do not invest in any of the higher plan at the moment.

Is A Scam?

This platform is likely to be one those scam platforms that claims to allow their members earn money by purchasing digital products and when they achieve their aim, they lost to the thin air.

This is a similar platform to that seems so legit and finally scammed many of their hard-earned money and it no where to be found today. Do not fall for this kind of scam anymore.

Is A Legit Platform?

This kind of platform will pay their members for a start to lure more persons to join their platform. Even if it’s paying, that doesn’t guarantee that is a legit platform. It’s another scam platform that is likely to crash anytime soon. Invest wisely.

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Conclusion – Review

In conclusion, you’ve been informed that is one of those scam platforms portraying themselves to be legit but they’re not.

If you any contribution regarding this review. Feel free to share it with us in the comment section. If you also any platform you want us to review also tell us I’m the comment section below.

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