Review: Is Legit or Crashed? is a digital product investment site that allows its users to invest and get a daily income of any amount they invest for 29 to 40 days. Do you think is a safe investment platform? Let’s check it out in this honest review where everything about this platform will be revealed.

Investment platforms seem to be created daily, and online investors are being skeptical about investing because scam investment platforms are widespread across the internet making it difficult to identify the genuine ones.

You can identify genuine and reliable investment platforms by making intense research about any platform, and see what people are saying about if it is worth your time or not before even thinking of joining them and investing your hard-earned money.

Due to this problem, here is an honest review that will reveal all you need to know about the platform such as How Works? How to earn money on How to Register/Join Is Legit or Scam? Review

The investment platform allows its members to earn a daily income from the amount they invest in the platform.

This kind of platform is fund of enticing its users with numerous promises to get their attention, but I will advise you not to join without reading this article which will reveal absolutely everything you need to know about the platform.

What is (Review) is an investment platform that allows its users to invest and get daily returns on their investments on the platform. basically, is a free-to-join platform but before you start earning officially on the platform, you have to invest to get daily income for the period of 29 to 40 days.

Another way of earning from this platform is by referring your friends to join the platform to earn referral commission for each person you refer to join the platform using your unique referral link. This is another way of earning from without investing.

How Does Work?

The operation of just lies around members investing in any investment plan of their choice to get daily income depending on the amount they invested, but this earning option can only be accessed by registered members of the platform. So, you need to register before you’ll be given access to start earning on the platform.

Once you complete your registration, you’re now given access to start earning from the platform by investing in any investment plan available on the platform to get daily income. All you just need to do is to select your preferred investment plan, make a deposit and start getting your daily income depending on the amount you invested.

There are basically different investment plans available for members to leverage and start getting daily income which ranges from N2,500 to N300,000. These plans have different daily incomes to be earned. The higher the investment plan, the higher the income you will earn. But make sure you invest wisely.

If you choose not to invest, another way of earning cool money from is by referring your family and friends to join the platform through your referral link. When they join, you get a referral commission from each of them. Registration/Sign up

The registration process for is very quick and easy. Follow the steps below to register on

  1. Click on the link to visit their official website
  2. Provide the needed information (Your phone number, invitation code, and Password).
  3. Click on the ‘Register’ button to complete your registration and become a member. Login/Sign in

To Login to your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit their official login page
  2. Provide your registered phone number and password
  3. Click on the ‘Login’ button to access your dashboard. Referral Program

The Referral program is another way of earning big from the platform. you get a referral commission from each person you invite or refer to join the platform using your referral link.

When anyone registers on the platform with your referral or invitation link, you will be given a referral commission for each referral you accumulate on the platform. All you just need to do is to send your referral link to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Minimum withdrawal amount

Before you can withdraw on, you have to meet up with their minimum withdrawal amount as assigned by the platform.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, all you just need to do is to provide your Local bank account details and request the withdrawal.

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Is Legit or a Scam? is a kind of Ponzi Scheme appearing to be a legit platform. Though it might pay for some time, that doesn’t make it a reliable investment platform, because, along the line, it will crash and go away with people’s hard-earned money leaving them stranded.

I will advise everyone reading this article to make sure they invest what they can afford to lose to be on the safer side.

Final Verdict – Review

As we all know that Ponzi schemes are unreliable when it comes to investing in them and is one of them which means you have to be very careful when investing in platforms of this nature. Just make sure you invest what you can afford to lose to avoid stories that touch.

I believe this review was helpful to you and has revealed to you if is a legit or a scam investment platform. You can also share your thoughts regarding this platform in the comment section below. Your comment might help others not to fall victim to online scammers.

61 thoughts on “ Review: Is Legit or Crashed?”

  1. It is a good write up. I joined in June and since then I can make my withdrawal anytime, anywhere. Since I joined we post our daily earnings and withdrawal in the WhatsApp group created. The parent company is OTTO based in Hamburg Germany… an online retails store. But as you said, let wait and see. We have videos that shows their plan in expanding their business in Nigeria in 2 years time

  2. Amazing write-up!
    I have a question, i’m having trouble receiving my daily income, I recently opened an Otto account, could it be because the amount dropped is not up to the minimum withdrawal. I also want to know if I’m suppose to log in everyday to receive my daily income or log in maybe in weeks time and still have my daily incomes for that week?

  3. I have a question, I’m having trouble imputing my daily income so that I can receive it, could it be because the amount is not up to the minimum withdrawal amount? I also want to know if it part of their rules for customers to log in daily to receive or I can log in any day and still get my daily income including the days I didn’t log in?

    • You must follow the procedures of the platform to have a successful experience and earn from the platform as well. But I will be very sincere with you that the platform is a Ponzi scheme that will crash anytime soon.

      • I’ve followed the procedures , I still don’t understand your reply. I asked if I should log in everyday and why I can’t receive,what might be the issue. I didn’t get an a specific answer to my question Pls help

  4. You have to login everyday, and click on “receive”. You must do this before 12pm, if not, your earning for that day will be forfeited.

  5. It’s a pronzing scheme that might crash anytime soon. My advice to you all don’t invest a huge amount of money on it. BDK has crashed yesterday and a lot of perosn including lost a huge amount of funds

  6. Pls I register with Otto a months ago,I invest with little and have been earning everyday, their is a promo for a lamp on Thursday which will last till Friday 12pm I invest yesterday, my Bank payment was successful but my wallet as no been credited to activate a product till the promo expired,still on it since yesterday pls what can I do for my wallet that as not been credited!

  7. After what MBA did to me, my woman is encouraging me to join this one,,, my spirit declined and having seen this now, I think I am Ok,,, nobody on earth will ask me to bring a naira for a trillion that I will ever be involved in. Thanks so much for the enlightening,,,God bless us all

  8. My challenge is that once there is oraginal thing, there are also fake ones. I have discovered some a
    similarities with this & others that I have been involved that crashed. Looking at the content of the app I could see so many things.
    But the questions I want to ask are;
    1. How do they generate there income hence the value of the item worth much more than the value of the money we invest.
    2. Are they involved in production/manufactural themselves?
    3. We’re are those products sold?

    • It’s a Ponzi scheme, much like GNLD OR KEDI. GNLD however had real products to sell. The creators of Otto just happen to be good at regulating it for now, and by my assessment, they also copied GNLD’ s MLM business model. I was a director at GNLD Gbagada, so I know this for a fact. It is why they have been able to stay afloat for so long whereas the other Ponzi’s are crashing daily. They will crash once they cannot sustain it anymore. Forget about where they sell the products. Just enjoy it while it lasts.

  9. Probably it will crash like MMM ???? its a ponzi scheme that is not sustainable cos ur using other people money to pay people, its a cyclic pool event ????,

    • Do not invest in it. The inventory product looks like the creators of Otto are about to cash out. The returns is outrageous. It’s unlike Otto. Do not put your money in it.

  10. Some one advised me to invest in the inventory though I was skeptical about it but he assured me now that I have read the comments am kind of scared bcos I borrowed the money

    Dear all,
    This is to bring to your notice that a group of people headed by Mrs Amelie claimed to be from Germany representing OTTO company has defrauded over hundreds of thousands Nigerians as we speak now.

    Below are the WhatsApp group numbers uses to create WhatsApp group where she sends notifications of juicy offer to defraud Nigerians from their hard earning income.

    Below are the group admin contacts from Amelie which could be used for easy tracking of this fraudster

    +44 7775 445579

    +44 7831 106976

    +44 7774 133743

    Below is the User login link created by the fraudster and her team for victims/user to access dashboard and make financial transaction.

    The fraudster defraud victims over by asking victims to invest in the promotion of the products that OTTO in germany is doing for the merchandise in Germany and in return send enticing daily income of 1.6times profit on the amount victims pay of which i am one of the victims in Nigeria.

    Many Nigerians are suffering now from this unscrupulous activities and therefore call for urgent action. There are other falsification of documents which have been shared by same fraudster to convince the victims that the Nigerian Government is aware of the activities of OTTO in Nigeria.

    I joined Otto in 22nd September 2023 but I have invested money into the Otto online scam platform for 2weeks. We got a bad news today 7th October 2023 that all those who have joined Otto till date must pay 48,000naira again to recharging their Otto account before they can be allowed to withdraw and if the payment is not done between 3pm and 5pm that the Otto account will be closed down and destroy. Some of us having over 500k plus to withdraw from our Otto account to bank account have been denied to withdraw our daily income just because the fraudster want to close down the account of those who couldn’t recharge and use our money to keep scamming others in Nigerians.

    Please kindly see through this and put OTTO investment platform as blacklist and 100% scam so as to create public awareness to stay away from OTTO online investment platform activities in Nigeria..

    Thank you.

    From Concerned& Victims in Nigeria


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