Is Fenlita a Legit Site, Scam or Reliable? Find Out

Fenlita is an online bookstore that sells diverse kinds of books in different formats to their customers. Their website is user-friendly that allows customers to navigate through it easily, search what they want and get the result immediately. In this article, you will know the answer to the question – Is Fenlita a Legit Site?

Several persons have desired to buy their favourite books on Fenlita but are still having the doubt if Fenlita is a trustworthy and reliable online books store or a scam, that is why you need to read this comprehensive Fenlita article to the end which I believe at the end, you will get an answer to the question – is Fenlita a legit site?

In this article, we’ll be looking at certain things you need to know about Fenlita before them as your number one must-stop online book store and queries like is Fenlita a legit site, how the Fenlita site work, Fenlita customers review, is Fenlita reliable book store, and more will be exposed in this Fenlita review.


Fenlita is an online store that sells different categories of books to its customers in different formats at a discounted price. Fenlita located in the United state, according to the website, was created with the aim of making books affordable and also helping to fight against illiteracy in the world.

The website offers different categories of books on the website, customers can locate their favourite books with ease. Fenlita’s books collection contains books like medical books, business books, and more. The platform claims to offer these products at discounted prices to its customers.

How to Register on

Registering on Fenlita just requires a few steps. Follow the steps below to register now!

1. Visit the Fenlita website – www.Fenlita

2. Navigate to the Registration page where you will have to provide the required information including your valid email address.

3. After providing the required details, you click on Register to complete your registration.

4. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address. Endeavour to check your mail and click on the confirmation link.

You can also log in to your Fenlita account by providing your username and password, then you click on Login to access your Fenlita account.

Fenlita Reviews by Customers

While make my research regarding Fenlita, I stumbled upon several reviews by customers of Fenlita, sharing their experiences about the website. I must tell you that all the reviews were all negative, declaring Fenlita as a scam site.

Checking out all these negative reviews about the Fenlita site, I noticed the leading complaint was the receiving of inactive links. Customers are mostly complaining about receiving active links to download their preferred books and when trying to contact them for a refund, their effort seems to go void.

A customer complained of also trying to purchase a book from Fenlita at a very low price. After everything, during checkout, the price drastically increased about 127 times. This can be so frustrating I must tell.

The 2.5-star rating of Trustpilot should tell you that Fenlita is a no-go website when it comes to online book shopping. Search for other alternatives to purchase your books with peace of mind. Payment Methods

There are various payment options available on Fenlita website for their customers to make payment. The payment methods include:

  • PayPal
  • Mastecard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Pros and Cons of Fenlita site

Before proceeding to make orders on Fenlita, you are expected to check out the Pros and Cons of the website to determine if it is worth your time or not. Here are some Pros and Cons of Fenlita:

Pros of Fenlita

  • User-friendly website for easy navigation.
  • Secured website to keep customers’ information safe.
  • Availability of Contact us and about us page.

Cons of Fenlita

  • Outrageous discount prices on products.
  • Sending of Fake and inactive links to Customers
  • Lack of Transparency. Especially, by keeping the information of its owner secret.
  • No Social media presence.
  • Extragavant charges on products during checkout.

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Is Fenlita a Legit site?

Fenlita site is not a legit online store. Customers have been complaining bitterly about this platform. When I stumbled on different platforms, particularly TrustPilot. I saw numerous negative reviews about Fenlita which is capable of scaring potential customers away.

The platform has also not been transparent enough to share the information of the owner. That means, there are out for a dirty game. I will advise everyone to stay away from Fenlita online bookstore because it is a scam and fraudulent website.

Is Fenlita a Reliable online store?

No form of reliability and Trustworthiness is found in Fenlita. Fenlita lacks all the features a reliable and trustworthy website should have, which landed them 2.5-star ratings on Trust Pilot. This could tell how disappointing their services could be.

Final Verdict – Is Fenlita a Legit Site?

With the reviews found so far, I’ve come to the conclusion that Fenlita is not a legit site, it is a big-time scam online store, and no one should buy anything from them because you will lose your money and won’t be refunded. You can go to other book stores online to buy your preferred books but not Fenlita.

I believe this article was able to answer your question – is Fenlita a legit site? You can as well share your thoughts regarding Fenlita in the comment section below. It might be of help to someone.

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