How to Hide Page on a Website

Are you having difficulties with How to Hide Page on a website? These have been the challenges faced by many on, don’t panic, this article will guide you on how you can do that without stress.

In this article, I will give you steps and guidelines on how to hide your pages on to make them accessible to only people with a password when they are searched online.

The evolution of technology has affected many sectors like the Automobile, Products, Real Estate sectors, and more, making them embrace the development by showcasing themselves online. This showcasing is done online through advertisement, which is the best way of marketing goods, services, and automobile dealerships. This is where comes in. is an online platform that gives access to Car Dealerships. This platform allows users to create and personify their online dealership by giving them access to customizing the website, tools for inventory management, lead tracking features, etc. where users can create an enabling platform to interact with their customers.

It is also a platform where users can purchase used or new cars effortlessly irrespective of where they are, even from the comfort of their bedrooms. But most users aren’t just comfortable when the general public has full access to the pages on their website and looking for a way to limit it to be accessible by specific persons.

This article will give you steps on how to hide a page on a website. This guide is capable of showing you how to hide your products from your competitors which may try to spy on available products in your online store.

About Website? is an automobile dealership marketplace. It is a platform where users can buy already used and new automobiles like cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, sports cars, and ATVs effortlessly online.

The platform also provides its users with amazing features like customized websites, Real-time buying signals, marketing services, Vehicle Listing Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), flexible retailing, and many other amazing features.

Cars are advertised in the showroom directly from inventors which makes it easier for buyers to gain access to different kinds of cars irrespective of where they are accessing the website from.

Another feature of is, they make available information concerning dealerships and also finance cars through third-party lenders or by the finance options given by the seller.

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How to Hide Page on a Website

To hide your page on a website, follow the steps easy steps below:

1. Log in to your Account on Website

To log in to your account, you will have to provide your username and password then click on login to access your dashboard. If you’ve not registered with them already, you can create an account with them to get started.

2. Navigate to the Page you want to Hide on

After login into your account, then search for the page or pages you want to hide. Mind you, after hiding the page or pages, it will not be visible anymore.

3. Click on Hide this Page Link

Once you select the page or pages you want to hide, you scroll down and click on page visibility, after that, you click on “Hide this page link” and click on Save Changes, then the page or pages will be hidden immediately.

If you are using a mobile device, you can also hide a page on a website by using the “Desktop Site” on your chrome browser. You can access the desktop site by clicking on the three dots on the right top of your chrome browser and then scrolling down to see it.

Other Ways on How to Hide Page on a Website

If you tried the above methods, and Para venture didn’t work for you, you can try out the steps given below:

  1. If you have difficulty with “How to Hide a page on a website”, you will have to contact them for support and they will immediately attend to you.
  2. You can delete the page if it is unnecessary. But before doing that, make sure you back up the page in case of subsequent use of the page.
  3. After trying the above steps and it didn’t work, then you can use a password to protect the page. By doing this, no one will have access to the page or pages. The password-protected page(s) can only be accessed by those who have the password and won’t appear when searched by others.

Importance of Hiding a Page(s) on Website

Different people have different reasons for hiding page(s) on a website that are best known to them. But I think people hide their page on to prevent others or even competitors from plagiarizing their content or products which is very common in the web space.

Some hide their page(s) to prevent personal and sensitive information not meant for the consumption of the public to be accessed. At times, this information may be used against them.

People also hide page(s) on Website so that irrelevant page(s) will not be indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

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How to Hide Social Media Icons on a Website?

Hiding social media icons on the website is pretty easy. Follow the steps listed below to hide social media icons:

  1. Login to your Account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Social Media Options
  4. Then select the Social Media icons you desire to hide and the ones to display on your website.

Conclusion: How to Hide Page on a Website

I believe this article was able to guide you on How to Hide Page on a Website and some other features of website which we believe were helpful to you.

Hiding a page on website will disallow search engines to index that particular page but might bounce back badly on you if done the wrong way. Make sure you don’t hide a relevant page or a page that will be beneficial to you.

I believe this article on “How to Hide Page on a Website” was helpful to you. You can share your thoughts/opinions about in the comment section below to help improve this review.

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