How To Get Subscriber in is an interactive platform where users are allowed to interact with other users and share their opinions and in this article I reveal some tricks on How to Get Subscriber in The platform has over 600K active users every month and over 5 million registered members using the social platform. is a social platform similar to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. where users interact with each other. What makes Minds different from other social media platforms is, you earn a crypto token. But how will you feel if your share your opinion and no one reacts to it? If only a few people react to your opinion, I believe the feelings will be awful. This happened as a result of few or low subscribers.

In this article, I will show you proven steps on how to get subscribers in when you adhere to these steps I’m about to reveal to you, you will witness a superb result and start getting more subscribers to your channel.

Before we go further, let’s check out what is all about.

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What is is a social media platform similar to popular Facebook and Twitter where users are allowed to interact within themselves. What makes different from other social media platforms is that the platform allows its users to earn the MINDS Token (ERC-20) daily when they create popular content and also refer other persons to join the platform.

Your content can’t just go popular just like that without having a meaningful number of subscribers in your profile. In that case, here are ways you can get Subscribers to your profile.

Ways to Get Subscriber in

Getting more subscribers on channel means getting more interaction and creating more awareness about your profile. There are certain ways you can get more subscribers in which include the type of content you post, your effective usage of hashtags, and promoting your profile. These steps I assure will fetch you more subscribers than you ever imagined.

1. The Type of Content you Post

Many are ignorant of the fact that the type of content you post on can influence more or fewer subscribers. You don’t just get up and post what you feel like posting but what your audience wants. When you post what you post the kind of content your audience is interested in. It makes them stay engaged with your content and gives you a top edge.

Choosing the right keyword is another crucial factor that keeps your audience engaged with your posts and may as well share your post which may reach your potential subscribers. So, the type of content you post will attract more subscribers.

2. Effective Usage of Hashtags

Like other social media platforms, effective usage of hashtags is capable of catapulting your post to a wider audience which means that when you effectively execute Hashtags on your post, it has the power of promoting your post to a larger audience.

Using Hashtags doesn’t describe it all but what matters is using the appropriate hashtags. This doesn’t mean you should abuse the usage of hashtags by overpopulating your posts with Hashtags, it can affect the potential of your post reaching your targeted audience. So, effective usage of Hashtag can fetch you more subscribers to your profile.

3. Promoting your Profile

Promoting your profile is another way that will attract more subscribers to you. By promoting your profile to other social media platforms, you are indirectly giving room for new readers who may eventually become your subscribers.

Promoting your profile will not only bring you more subscribers but will also allow you to earn the MINDS token as promised by the platform. When people join through your link, you get rewarded with the MINDS token which can also be used to promote your content. And with this, you are likely to get new subscribers to your profile.

You can promote your profile through Websites, blogs, and forums, working in partnership with other users that post similar content even your bio can serve.

4. Partner with Other Users

Partnering with other users has its peculiar way of getting new subscribers to your profile. There’s a quote that says “Along we can do so little, together we can do so much”. When you work in collaboration with other users by interacting with their posts, this will enhance the awareness of your profile. Not only that, they may in return come back to react to your post too.

You can also share relevant posts from another user’s profile to your profile as a supporting action. This method can attract subscribers from the other users who visit your profile and probably they might become your subscribers too. This is one practical way on How To Get Subscriber in

5. Subscribe to Other Channels

Subscribing to other Channels will boost the reach of your post and also get you more subscribers in you can subscribe to at least 10 to 15 channels every week, and these channels must be the ones that post similar content to your profile. This will enable you to get new updates once they post on their channel. And you’ll get content from different sources that will increase your creativity when creating your post. This practice will work best on profiles that post similar content to you.

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Conclusion | How To Get Subscriber in is a social media platform similar to popular Facebook and Twitter where users are allowed to interact within themselves. I believe you’ve known a few steps on how to get a subscriber in if you have any contributions, share them with us in the comment section below.

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